Narrow release for John Deere

john deere 5100gn
John Deere 5100GN

John Deere has unveiled its 5G Series tractors with narrow and highly-maneuverable configurations for vineyard and orchard producers that meet Final Tier 4 Engine emissions requirements. Source: Hay & Forage Grower

“The 5G Series Tractors build on the success of the 5EN Series to offer customers more choices for their specialty applications,” Christopher Lammie, product manager, John Deere Augusta (US) said.

“With two chassis widths for narrow (5GN) and vineyard (5GV) applications, the 5G Series Tractors bring John Deere utility tractor performance into specialty row applications.”

The 5G Series Tractors offer a variety of benefits to vineyard producers.

The new models – the 5GV and 5GN – are available in widths of 40.5 and 52 inches, respectively, reducing the chance that crops will be damaged in narrow rows.

With a tighter turning radius than its 5EN predecessor, the 5GN reduces operator effort, time and fuel consumption during headland turns.

Fuel tank capacity is improved over the 5EN with an option for an auxiliary 7.5-gallon fuel tank on the 5GN.

Plus an increased cab width on the 5GN Series creates a larger, roomier work environment.

The 5G Series maintain strong engine performance in the field, plus the 90 and 100 horsepower models can be equipped with optional Intelligent Power Management for an additional power boost.

Economy PTO also comes standard in all 5G Series models, which reduces engine RPM by 15%, helping reduce input cost for operators.

The new 5G offers a mechanical 12F/12R transmission or 24F/12R transmission with PowrReverser.