Nationals’ leader says the Agricultural Visa would help us feed the world

The Leader of the Nationals, David Littleproud said the Agricultural Visa would go a long way to help Australia feed the world, if only the Labor Government would listen to farmers and not their union masters and reversed the decision to scrap it.

Mr Littleproud was reacting to reports the Prime Minister will tell the OECD in Paris, Australia could be a part of the solution of the global food shortages.

“How does the Labor Government think our farmers are going to get production up when they have taken a decision to push the available workforce down,” Mr Littleproud said.

“Farming groups have said that farmers are only planning to plant around 65% of their capacity because they do not have confidence there is enough labour to get their crop off.

“Worker shortages in the farming sector are reducing the production and pushing up the prices of groceries for all of us little alone be able to help feed the world.

“Every time Australians get the price shock at the checkout, they should think about why the Labor Party has chosen to push those prices even higher.

“The Agricultural Visa would provide a long term, reliable and dedicated workforce that would allow farmers the certainty to plant larger crops, knowing they will be harvested.

“The Coalition brought in thousands of pacific workers but that is not enough.

“The Prime Minister is right when he says Australia could help feed the world, but he must show a bit of backbone and tell the AWU to go take a running jump, when it comes to the Agricultural Visa and give our farmers the need to deliver this promise.

“The Labor Government’s decision to fall in behind their union masters is part of the problem that will stop Australia becoming part of the world’s food shortage solution and cost you more at the checkout,” the Leader of the Nationals,David Littleproud concluded.

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