NDE FS1400D offers a big stock feeding capacity

The big capacity NDE FS1400D feed mixer has 40.3 cubic metres of product to get around more stock and cut back on time before a refill is required

NDE has released the FS1400D with a 40.3 cubic metre bulk capacity that processes everything efficiently through twin augers and with the advantage of a unique set-up for any operation with front door conveyor delivery or a side conveyor and several elevator options

NDE has released the high capacity 40.3 cubic metre FS1400D feed mixer for big beef and dairy operations and it’s allowing producers to feed more stock far more efficiently as there are fewer refills.

The NDE range of feed mixers has been distributed locally by Eastern Spreaders for more than twenty years, since 2000, and has adapted the models to suit local feeding operations such as including a rubber top extension for maximum capacity on all models.

The FS1400D is quickly becoming the first choice for large-scale livestock feeding operations that need to get high volume rations mixed and out to the stock efficiently.

With a product capacity of 40.3 cub.m the NDE FS1400D feed mixer is ideal for loading the largest round or square bales and adding further supplements as required to the mix

The introduction of the NDE FS1400D 40.3 cub.m model has given many livestock producers the volume they need and the advantage of setting up their operation with front door conveyor delivery, or with a side conveyor and several elevator options.

The FS1400D attaches to a 1000rpm pto-speed and it’s ideal to have minimum power of 140kW (190hp) for the best results.

The large front door fitted to this powerful dual auger model has a 1.47m (4.10ft) opening and can be configured with a flat two-way delivery of 1.06m (3.6ft) or a 1.22m (4ft) folding dogleg conveyor.

While the side door discharge also allows for unloading quickly through the 1.09m (3.7ft) wide door opening. With a positional choice between the right or left side, or a double side door opening.

All side door discharges come standard with a chute, while side conveyors are offered in lengths from 0.91 to 2.74m (3 to 9ft).

NDE high capacity models

There are several high-capacity models already well established in the NDE line up including the FS1200D and the FS1000D.

These FS Series all-purpose mixers also have the advantage of offering front, side, or rear discharge configurations with a wide array of conveyor options and tyre and axle choices.

These mixers are popular as they have a twin auger design that overlaps to ensure a complete mix of all ration ingredients.

The FS1000D comes with a 28.4 cub.m product capacity and when set up with a side elevator, delivery feed is pushed out the side door with available lengths of 1 to 3m (3.2 to 9.8ft).

Rubber wind guards can be fitted, and they can be configured with self-levelling feed slides (steel, rubber or magnet).

The elevators can be set at any discharge height from 1m to 2.5m (3.3 to 8.2ft) and on either the left- or right-hand side to suit variable feed-out requirements.

Both lifting and driving of elevators are controlled by the tractor remotes.

The FS1000D has a 1000rpm pto-speed and has a minimum power requirement of 97kW (130hp).

The mixer is a tandem axle design and can be set up as a walking or sprung configuration. And while 445/50R-22.5 tyres are fitted as standard, flotation tyres are also available.

The NDE FS1200D can hold a 33.4 cub.m product capacity with thorough ration mixing by twin augers and be set up for front delivery or with a side conveyor. Minimum power requirement is 112kW (150hp)

In addition, any feed operation seeking more product volume can opt for the NDE FS1200D with 33.4 cub.m capacity. And once again has the versatility to be set up with front delivery, or a side conveyor.

There are several advantages here, the front door has a large 1.4m (4.6ft) opening and can be configured with a flat two-way delivery or a 60cm or 91cm (2 to 3ft) folding dogleg conveyor.

The FS1200D gets its operating power from a 1000rpm pto-speed connection with a minimum power requirement of 112kW (150hp).

For medium size operations NDE also offer the best-selling FS850DL  24 cub.m capacity model. This model is popular as it offers the mixing benefits of a twin auger in an easy to manage package.

For medium-sized livestock producers, the benefits of a twin auger design enable the operator to mix just about any ingredient and get all stock ready for market in top condition.

The FS850DL has proven to be very manoeuvrable around sheds due to its lower height and is also easy to load. This model maintains all the benefits offered on the larger NDE mixers such as the 1.47m (4.10ft) front door opening.

Several optional functions can be added to the NDE factory build including fully programmable scale monitors and a two-speed gearbox

NDE leading design benefits

Trailed feed mixers from NDE have rapidly become the world standard for many operations due to an auger design that produces the most uniform and consistent rations throughout the mixing process.

Incorporated in the design is an aggressive auger design with 60cm (2ft) curved carbide knives to quickly and completely process hay bales and roughage. NDE mixer knives offer in excess of 4000 hours of cutting life depending on the material.

The full-flighted auger design, combined with a stepped floor ensures an even front to back and bottom to top mix, and a complete cleanout. No residue is left behind to contaminate any following feeds.

The stepped floor in NDE mixers places the rear auger floor 250mm (10-inches) higher than the front auger floor, and as a result, it enables product to move in a figure-8 flow pattern, ensuring complete mixing of all material.

The NDE 28.4 cub.m capacity FS1000D has been one of our most popular sizes in the range along with the 33.4 cub.m FS1200D for larger operators the introduction of the larger volume 40.3 cub.m FS1400D gives producers the advantage to upgrade

NDE models are designed to accept large round or square bales. Some high-capacity models can hold up to six large bales as well as a mix of grain and concentrates.

At the core of the design, NDE mixers are built to deliver feed fast through their large doors and wide 1.06m (3.5ft) conveyors. And with fewer moving parts, it also reduces maintenance.

All NDE models are fitted with quality Weightronix weighing systems with easy-to-read monitors as standard.

There are a number of optional functions that can be added to the NDE final build, including fully programmable scale monitors and a two-speed gearbox.

NDE feed mixers are available from Eastern Spreaders and include single and twin auger models with capacities ranging from 11.1 to 40.3 cub.m.

Call now for more details on tel: 03 5450 3077, or email: sales@easternspreaders.com.au or see the full model range on this link.

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Due to higher capacity feeding requirements for local livestock producers the model range here starts with the FS1000D and all models are fitted with a 305mm (12-inch) rubber top extension