New Holland powers up T9 Auto Command tractors

New Holland will launch the most powerful CVT tractor on the market today with its flagship T9 Series tractor, the T9.615 Auto Command with power boost of 452kW (615hp) with Continuously Variable Transmission.

The four-model range being introduced in to the local market includes three agricultural models, and one scraper. The line-up develops maximum outputs ranging from 331 to 615kW (450 to 615hp).

These easy-to-operate tractors offer maximum efficiency with intuitive and easy-to-use Auto Command transmission.

The T9 Auto Command is ideal for large-scale farms and big contractor outfits that require an all-round performance, while cash crop farmers will appreciate its powerful performance in PTO applications such as grain cart and large planters.

Large dairy and livestock operations will also find handling silage packing and haulage operations much easier with the Auto Command transmission.

With the introduction of the Auto Command Transmission previously only available in the T7 and T8 Series of tractors this cements New Holland’s focus on ease of operation with seamless speed changes with the most intuitive operating logic in the market.

The ease of use and commonality is also an obvious advantage for farming operations that regularly use seasonal labor and where there are multiple ranges of tractors to operate.

These models also come with the SideWinder II armrest with a fully integrated ultra wide color touchscreen and a multifunction grip handle for easy operation. The CommandGrip handle puts the most frequently used functions at the operator’s fingertips, also uses force-based logic to control the tractor’s speed and acceleration.

The Auto Command transmission is able to deliver an infinite range of speeds to perfectly match any job application.

There are four points of optimised efficiency where the transmission drives through a full mechanical connection that have been engineered to perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during draft work, secondary cultivation activities, high speed in-paddock work and transport activities.

The automated efficiency settings allow the operator to simply dial in the desired working speed and the T9 will then take care of the rest, optimising it’s engine speed to reduce fuel consumption automatically.  A PTO mode ensures that shaft speed is maintained through varying load conditions while the Cruise mode will take the T9 up to the target speed at the push of a button, perfect for haulage work.

The fully integrated IntelliSteer autoguidance enables parallel pass-to-pass accuracy as precise as 10 to 20mm, while PLM Connect telematics allows close monitoring of the tractor’s performance from a remote location.

The Auto Command transmission automatically adjusts engine power and ground speed for maximum productivity to match the requirements of the application, be it in heavy, light or variable draft work. In transport, the fast acceleration and 40kph road speed with all tyres at a quiet and efficient 1650 engine rpm give it the advantage above other transmissions.

The excellent slow speed operation and precise speed control with the stepless ranges result in best-in-class productivity when compared to the speed steps of powershift transmission.

The intuitive automatic control of engine power and ground speed, the seamless speed adjustment, and the clutchless braking dramatically reduce operator fatigue, with a knock-on effect on productivity. Together with the ample cab and ergonomic layout, this results in best-in-class operator comfort.

Auto Command also offers the advanced Active StopStart safety feature that prevents the tractor moving backwards or forwards when it is brought to a standstill on a gradient, even with a heavy load.

Models available from the new Holland T9 Series with Auto Command include the T9.450, T9.505, T9.560 and T9.615. Check out the full New Holland tractor range at: