Next generation baler wrapper is launched

Kuhn Farm Machinery has upgraded its largest fixed-chamber round baler – with the introduction of the FBP 3135 model – a fully automated version that features automatic chamber opening, closing and unblocking functionality that bales and wraps in one-pass

You are getting a preview of the most outstanding Baler Wrapper combination ever released – it’s from leading manufacturer KUHN.

Not all agricultural balers are created the same – and for farmers hoping to improve the productivity and profitability of their silage operations, a new baler-wrapper combination machine promises to transform the market.

The FBP 3135 Bale Pack is the latest innovation from leading farm machinery manufacturer KUHN. KUHN’s product manager Michael Murer explains the process: “Following carefully mowing, tedding and raking, silage needs to be secured for storage – and to prevent loss of nutritional value, the bale needs to be sealed as soon as possible. Traditionally, silo production required more than one machine, as well as multiple operators ­– but this system creates a true one-man operation via its bale-and-wrap technology.”

Having recently been awarded Machine of the Year 2018 in the Forage Harvesting category at Agritechnica 2017, the FBP 3135 Bale Pack has been designed to meet the specific challenges facing farmers as they contend with factors like adverse weather conditions, as well as increasing labour and production costs. With only a short harvest window and little time to make the highest quality silage, farmers need a machine which is fast, reliable and versatile, and where quality is the first priority.

Capable of working on even the steepest slopes and in all crop conditions, the FBP 3135 Bale Pack has a film binding system with two film reels, as opposed to one big mantle film roll. “This binds the cylindrical side of the bale, and offers several advantages compared to other film binding systems – not least the ability to use standard sized rolls (25µm, 1500m, 750mm), eliminating the need to order separate binding and wrapping film of different sizes. Furthermore, the film roll change is easier, as the rolls weigh only 27 kg, rather than 40 kg,” adds Mr Murer.

The tailgate chamber opens and closes automatically, enabling bales to be ejected without the need for any operator input or intervention. Visual and acoustic signals on the baler’s control terminal provide vital information at all stages of the baling and netting process to ensure the operator still has overall control

The two reels guarantee a secure binding start, regardless of rain or terrain – and the two strands of film ensure the binding material is effectively applied, without the necessity to feed extra material into the chamber.

The KUHN system also reduces film usage by up to 30%, by pre-stretching it prior to application – and it boasts quicker and easier roll loading thanks to a user-friendly system, which hydraulically folds the film reels into their loading/unloading position. Plus, further film savings come from the fact that the two film strands are much faster at full width compared to a conventional wide mantle film system.

The FBP 3135 Bale Pack can also be used with conventional net binding, making it extremely versatile, as Mr Murer outlines: “Switching between film and net binding is quick and simple, as the two systems are separate, making it easy to switch from one system to the other for different crops without changing the film and net rolls on the machine. This saves time, while also offering greater flexibility when working across several fields with different requirements.”

The KUHN FBP 3135 also has a specially adapted bale chamber to prevent film damage, and to guarantee film binding without any compromises. Its loading arms are also equipped with special smooth rollers to prevent damage to the film during the bale transfer – and during bale ejection, the last roller on the tailgate is automatically disengaged to prevent film damage, solving another issue that often previously compromised the quality of a bale.

For farmers, a good bale shape is crucial for ensuring stability and quality. The FBP 3135 delivers high output productivity, utilising a reliable wrapping mechanism to create consistent bale formation. Employing special 3D WRAPPING technology, the film is applied around the bales very tightly, making them rock solid, with very straight and sharp edges.

As Mr Murer explains, “these perfectly sealed bales maintain their shape better, while improving protection levels compared to conventionally wrapped bales – even after long periods of storage.”

The KUHN FBP 3135 delivers high output productivity, utilising a reliable wrapping mechanism to create consistent bale formation. It employs special 3D WRAPPING technology, the film is applied around the bales very tightly, making them rock solid, with very straight and sharp edges

“In addition, the system’s INTELLIWRAP operation also offers greater wrapping options, giving a user the ability to choose to wrap odd rather than just even numbers of film layers, to better suit varying crop conditions and storage periods,” he continues.

The machine also offers a 230cm wide cam-track pick-up and integral rotor technology, guaranteeing an enormous throughput capacity at all times – and the automatic rotor DEBLOCK system provide a top-of-the-range intake capacity. The system even employs an OPTICUT 14 and OPTICUT 23 knife cutting system, for excellent crop cutting ability.

Even when it comes to maintenance and servicing, KUHN’s combination baler wrapper offers great advantages compared to traditional machinery, as Mr Murer explains: “With these machines, there is no real maintenance required. They’re incredibly easy to run and maintain, and really the only regular task is sharpening the knives and basic maintenance of the chain and grease nipples.”

For Mr Murer, the KUHN FBP 3135 heralds the beginning of a new chapter in silage production potential. “High quality silage is the future – and this machine offers the opportunity to achieve exactly that.”

KUHN plans to soon take their new machinery on tour around parts of Australia – which, Mr Murer explains, should give farmers a chance to view the KUHN FBP 3135 up close.

“We’ll shortly be organising demos around parts of Victoria and NSW. It will be a great opportunity to witness first-hand the benefits of the machine, the wrapping tool and the amazing potential of this new generation of bale and wrap machinery.”

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