Norweld launch the highly adaptable Elite tray for farmers

To mark their 50-year anniversary Norweld releases a Ute tray that is expected to quickly become the best seller for general and farm operations

Take a close look at the Elite and you will see everything Ute owners have been asking for over the past three years is now available in this low profile bolt-on build including easy dropdown sides and additional secure storage lockers

The Norweld Elite tray has much more going for it than a mere product update. Behind it is the expertise of the biggest fabricator and manufacturer of premium Ute trays and canopies that has ploughed a significant investment into finding the ultimate tray design over the past 2.5 years.

As a result, the Elite tray is the most ground-breaking new Ute tray design ever offered for farming and general job handling.

Already the Elite tray has set many new standards for manufacturing design and functionality with the guarantee to withstand any local harsh conditions, a promise that thousands of Norweld customers will be able to safely put to the test every day.

To date, there has not been a Ute tray released that can match Norweld’s commitment to offering the toughest, most durable product that has been built to thrive in the harshest conditions. The Elite tray will cement Norweld’s position as the most innovative model release to date from a market-leading local manufacturer.

Design additions to the Elite tray include fully integrated Anderson plug mounts and tie down points in the headboard ideal for securing bulky items and handy constant torque hinges on toolboxes along with an enhanced drawer design with full locking functionality

The Elite tray launch comes after Norweld’s most successful year to date. Expanding to meet demand, in 2023 Norweld opened two purpose-built facilities – spanning 2,367sqm in Brisbane’s north and 2,573sqm in Perth. In addition, more than 35 staff were added in a year where the company experienced 20% year-on-year growth.

Norweld Director Jaime McIntosh explains how the new Elite tray represented the very best in Australian design, material quality and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities that customers have trusted for more than 50 years.

“Our Elite tray is the result of many years of hard work, investment in innovative equipment and manufacturing techniques, and feedback gathered from thousands of Norweld customers who put our products to the test every day.

“We’re proud to have the support of a passionate community of Norweld customers who share our love for working in and exploring Australia’s tough terrain in their 4WD.

The lightboard design includes Norweld’s own exclusive taillights and unique bolt-on panels that offer ease of replacement along with various mudguard options to suit all body and wheel designs

“The Elite tray has been designed to take that experience to the next level, offering a sleek, modern design that’s made to thrive in any environment and offer practical functionality that Ute owners need,” Norweld Director Jaime McIntosh added.

Developed by Norweld’s in-house team of design and engineering experts, backed by over 50 years of aluminium fabrication and manufacturing expertise, Norweld Director Jaime McIntosh outlined how the Elite tray would take the business into the next phase of growth.

“The top three best-selling models in Australia for 2023 were dual cab utility vehicles, so we strongly believe that demand for trays and canopies will continue.

“Our focus is to continue developing new and improved solutions for our customers, grow our network of local branches and invest in growing fleet markets to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for Norweld and the 4WD industry,” Norweld Director Jaime McIntosh concluded.

Exclusive to Norweld’s Elite tray

• Lower profile, ‘bolt-on’ side profile design, colour-coded to match each vehicle

• Adjusted headboard height to provide clearance for popular ‘Rhino-Rack’ or ARB roof rack  with allowance for solar panels and other accessories or modifications

• Complex headboard extrusion in new mandrel bent profile for improved aerodynamics

• Height allowance for inclusion of 130-litre upright fridge within Norweld’s range of canopies

• Integrated Anderson plug mounts and tie-down points in the headboard for securing large items

• 40-litre water tank for standard dual-cab vehicles, and 58-litres for extended Toyota Land Cruisers, extra cab and single cab vehicles

• Lightboard design with Norweld exclusive taillights and unique bolt-on panels for ease of replacement

• Constant torque hinges on toolboxes and enhanced drawer design with lock functionality

• Custom-made, gravity-fed water filler and tap engineered for standard hose fittings

• Various mudguard options to suit body and wheel designs

Norweld guarantees a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of its aluminium-fabricated products, a guarantee that’s put to the test in real world environments by thousands of customers covering more than 100 million kilometres every year.*

Partnering with Australia’s leading automotive accessory fitters and vehicle manufacturers, Norweld is proud to make farm operations simpler and safer, along with fleet solutions for even the toughest off-road conditions.

While also offering multiple solutions for 4WD enthusiasts to ensure the company can include its 50 years of design and manufacturing for a more complete camping and touring experience on and off-road.

The Elite tray is available to order now. Display vehicles showcasing the tray can be found at Norweld’s seven locations across Australia, see your nearest location here.

Get a quote to fit the Elite tray here. Or see more about the complete Norweld range of Ute trays and canopies on this link.

See the exclusive video launch of the Norweld Elite tray on this link.

About Norweld

Norweld is Australia’s largest manufacturer of aluminium vehicle trays and canopies. Founded in Cairns QLD in 1971, Norweld now proudly operates locations across four states and exports its trays and canopies to international markets including North and South America, Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Built to thrive in Australia’s tough conditions, Norweld guarantees a lifetime, unconditional warranty on the design and workmanship of all products.

*Roughly 145,200,000km travelled by Norweld owners each year is based on the average distance added to each vehicle in Australia (source: ABS) and the number of Norweld customers.

Norweld Elite tray specifications