Ocean Roads builds a farm Ute tray that gives farmers more space

As part of their Ute tray design Ocean Roads has concentrated on the main two tray categories that farmers operate

Ocean Roads has set about to ensure every bit of space is accounted for in a Ute tray build they offer in a unique Storage Solution Platform design to suit all models

Nestled within the name ‘Ocean Roads’ lies a story that might not immediately bring farming to mind.

But take a look closer, and you’ll find its beginnings rooted in the world of farm Utes.

What Ocean Roads offers for farmers is an all-encompassing Storage Solution Platform (SSP).

The basis of this design sprouted from a discussion between Clint Earnshaw, the founder of Earnshaw Ag and co-founder of Ocean Roads, and Damien Bell the co-founder of Ocean Roads.

As they worked out a new product design for Earnshaw Ag, their talk drifted to a common observation, the different setups of farm Utes.

In our current farm environment, it appears farmers operate with two distinct types of farm Ute trays, or at least most can be lumped into two common types.

The most obvious design that most farmers want to aspire to is a tidy setup with tools and implement boxes permanently fitted on the back, holding all the necessary devices for daily farm jobbing.

Meanwhile, the second Ute tray configuration almost as popular, consists of an assortment of cut-up chemical drums filled with rusty tools, dust, and chaff. Bit of an eyesore but stuff can generally be found if it hasn’t been left in the shed.

While both types of farmers could arguably be just as good at farming as the other, despite their storage differences, each face the same problem.

There is not enough Tray space for sudden trips to the rural store to grab another pallet of chemical, with the need to attach a trailer.

And what should’ve been a quick run can turn into a long ordeal, especially if the trailer was in another paddock or even on another farm and still had the sheep crate on it.

Damien Bell the co-founder of Ocean Roads, drawing from his own experiences working on farms, knows this problem firsthand.

Even working with a neat toolbox Ute tray, dust kept creeping in, leaving traditional solutions with a lot to be desired.

Driven by the challenge to offer a better Ute tray storage for farmers, Clint and Damo set out to research and design an ideal solution, and the result has given rise to the Storage Solution Platform (SSP).

Working with farmers and through trial and error, they’ve refined the SSP to be a practical and now indispensable design for a farm Ute tray storage.

Farmers can take full advantage of the final design as Ocean Roads offers a wide range of vehicle and side-by-side all-terrain product solutions.

The goal at Ocean Roads is simple. Supply a storage design that makes farm vehicles easier to access and therefore more productive, knowing full well how much farmers invest in their equipment and need it close-by at all times.

With their farming background to call upon, the Ocean Roads team understand what farmers need go about building these functions into their designs accordingly.

But lets backtrack for just one moment, why the name ‘Ocean Roads’.

It turns out both Clint and Damo wanted a name that went beyond one product, reflecting their hopes for a wide range of design offerings in the future.

The Ocean symbolises their love for water adventures: fishing, boating, and water sports. While Roads represent their passion for exploration – be it the open road or outback bush tracks, exploring Australia.

By making quality, Aussie-made products, Ocean Roads aims to make outdoor adventures accessible beyond the farm gate.

They understand the demands of farm work but hope by providing quality versatile products they can mirror the things that drive their passion for design and product development.

Yet, amidst these dreams, Ocean Roads remains grounded in its roots: a commitment to solving problems for the farming community. Their journey began with a problem, and their mission continues—to create solutions that empower farmers and make daily jobbing easier in any way possible.

Ocean Roads can help with storage solutions and designs for work vehicles, Ute trays, Side-by-Side and all-terrain vehicles

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