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SDLG loaders do the heavy lifting at Gympie sawmill

On one of the few remaining working sawmills in the Gympie region of South East Queensland, two SDLG wheel loaders – a LG938L and LG946L – are busy transporting hardwood for Mary Valley Timbers, as it works to keep up with increased demand for forestry products. “The LG938L and LG946L
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An unbroken line of Komatsu dozers

John Bashforth and Sons Komatsu bulldozer
John Bashforth is a committed Komatsu bulldozer owner with his family company having operated Komatsu machines for more than 50 years. In fact, J&M Bashforth & Sons’ first Komatsu, a D60A-3 was only the second to be sold in Australia. Located in the Byron Bay area, John’s comp
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Maintenance technology earns Australian safety award

Konecranes MAINMAN technology
Konecranes has won the ‘Best Practice in Safety’ award at the 2019 Bulk Handling Awards for its advanced planned maintenance technology, MAINMAN. Konecranes’ MAINMAN technology is used in major infrastructure, industrial, logistics and materials handling projects where equipment must
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Cat 930M boosts materials handling productivity

Cat 930M with cattle
Caterpillar has incorporated some very useful smarts into the latest 930M Ag Handler that serve to make repetitive tasks around the farm both faster and more accurate. Any operator regularly loading a feed mixer wagon will appreciate the Kickouts function, it allows for saving lift an
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McLaren Vale vineyards expand with more recycled water

McClaren Vale vineyard
One of Australia’s largest and most successful recycled water vineyard irrigation schemes is being expanded in South Australia. The $7.3 million expansion includes the construction of a 600-megalitre dam south of Adelaide to store water from the Christies Beach Waste Water treatment p
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Velcro launches reusable UV-resistant plant tie

Velcro UV Plant Tie
Velcro has launched a UV plant tie to help horticulturalists support and secure their plants quickly, easily and effectively. The lightweight tie, that is both reusable and adjustable, is suitable for the most delicate of plants and saplings due to its soft texture. The Velcro UV plan
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Aussie Pumps is dedicated to water use efficiency

Aussie Pumps Field Days Team
With the recognition that making the most of any available water is a top priority around the country, Aussie Pumps launched its “Drought Buster” program late last year, designed to introduce farmers to more efficient ways of moving water at all levels. As part of this program, Aussie
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IoT satellite delivers rainfall data to farmers

Goanna Ag Rain-Gauge
Australian farmers could soon be looking to the stars rather than the skies for their weather information following the development of a rain gauge that uses a satellite network to transmit remote rainfall data. South Australian satellite communications company Myriota and Queensland
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John Deere industrial engine keep irrigators pumped up

John Deere powered irrigation system
Irrigation is the lifeblood of many Australian farms, and a John Deere engine is often the heart that pumps that life-giving water. John Deere diesel engines are designed to deliver high-output performance and reliability to ensure irrigation pumps keep the water flowing when it is vi
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