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Simplicity 30 Series Air Carts are leading the charge this season

Simplicity 30 Series
Since their launch just over 12 months ago, Simplicity Australia’s 30 Series Air Seeders have taken the local market by storm. Not only are they the largest Seeders Simplicity has ever built, but the current design platform incorporates a number of user-friendly features not previousl
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Titan Australia is more than just a tyre company

Titan wheels and tyres
Titan Australia is best known for its expertise in tyres, wheels and axles, and the company has established itself as the leader in engineering, design and fabrication services for agricultural machinery components. For two Australian farm machinery companies, assistance in manufactur
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Coolamon Spreaders ride the wave of strong demand

Coolamon Spreaders
Coolamon Spreaders of southern NSW say they have been hit by a massive spike in demand for their spreaders and chaser bins. Coolamon’s Victoria regional sales manager Shane Cummins said the Federal government’s instant asset depreciation incentive coupled with the turnaround in the se
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Scientists battle over origins of the peanut

Just how old is the humble but delicious peanut? It may not be a question that comes to mind as you pop another handful of moreish salty snacks in your mouth but it has been a hot topic of debate amongst plant geneticists. Competing studies published in the journal Nature Genetics in
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Detroit debuts DT12 transmission series and updates DD15 engine

Detroit’s series of DT12 transmissions enable down-speeding capabilities for improved fuel efficiency while the updated DD15 engine features up to 50 per cent redesigned componentry to provide performance enhancements. Enhancements to the Detroit DD15 engine and an expanded line
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Henty MFD cancelled for 2020 reviving call for $50 million field day funding

The Henty Machinery Field Days was set to showcase over $120 million worth of machinery and goods on-site at its September 22 to 24 event the 57th consecutive year since its inception in 1963. However, an announcement the event will not proceed this year due to COVID-19 restrictions,
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Winter crop plantings boosted by driving rain

Winter crop report
For the major winter crops, the area planted to wheat is forecast to increase by 27 per cent to almost 13 million hectares. While the area planted to barley is forecast to increase by 8 per cent to just under 4.4 million hectares. Falls in barley prices in early May occurred in the mi
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Agriculture outlook dominated by recovery from drought

Australian Drought
The latest forecast from Agricultural experts identifies the recovery from drought as dominating the very positive near-term outlook for higher farm incomes. Even the COVID-19 pandemic that has presented its own challenges has been brushed off in a flurry that has seen dusty old plant
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John Deere 4-series self-propelled sprayers take a leap of faith

John Deere is making a push for more market share with the 4-Series self-propelled sprayer range available to order now. Deere intends to entice buyers by offering updates aimed at greater efficiency from these 2021 models with improvements to operational traction. While also offering
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