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Robotic weeder takes over from herbicides

Carre Anatis robot weeder
Mechanical weeders fell out of use when targeted herbicides arrived, but with the build-up of undesirable ground chemicals, the robots are set to make a comeback. Mechanical weeding has obvious appeal for organic farmers, they deliver a safer weed control method. But in addition, as h
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Faresin feed mixer wagons are built for Australia

Faresin Industries is a family manufacturing business based in Breganze, Italy. Faresin work closely with Chesterfield Australia, and together form your trusted partnership in Australia for quality, service and performance. This partnership provides the ability to offer exceptional fe
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John Deere X Series combine harvesters move into high capacity

John Deere is adding two X Series combines to its range that will appeal to large-scale farmers and contractors. The X9 1000 and X9 1100 harvesters represent a capacity and performance level that John Deere harvesting has not offered previously and in addition these models also have t
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Lemken announces it will end sprayer production this year

Based on the rise in demand for sustainable crop care and facing ever tighter regulations around use of agricultural chemicals, Lemken of Germany has announced it will cease production of conventional crop sprayers. Lemken has been building sprayers for 10 years but never achieved sig
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Case IH LB4XL large square baler range debuts with significant updates

Case IH LB4XL large square baler
With extended drought conditions across much of Australia over recent years and the need for unprecedented amounts of supplementary feed, balers have been in high demand. With that demand forecast to continue, Case IH has announced some timely upgrades for its range of both square and
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Post-pandemic dairy prospects improve but it’s not the great recovery producers desire

Global COVID-19 restrictions are easing, food service sales have resumed and dairy prices look to be on the rebound but some industry analysts are warning it’s too soon to call it a global dairy market recovery. Dairy has performed better than expected throughout the pandemic’s disrup
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Case IH 250 Series combines get AFS Harvest Command automation

Combine harvester automation is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors of precision farming technology and Case IH is at the forefront with the incorporation of AFS Harvest Command into its latest 250 Series machines. Combine automation allows for settings such as rotor speed, rotor
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Agrointelli Robotti autonomous tool carrier switches to Velodyne sensors

Agrointelli Robotti Tool Carrier
Agrointelli is a Danish-based developer of intelligent farming solutions. The company’s Robotti autonomous tool carrier is designed to accommodate a range of farm implements via a standard 3-point linkage hitch. A new agreement with Velodyne will see the Robotti fitted with Velodyne’s
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John Deere C650 Air Cart a better fit for growers

Available in tow-behind or tow-between configurations, John Deere’s C650 Air Cart is designed to suit growers seeking a mid to large size capacity and smart seeding options. The C650 has a 22,900 litre (650bu) capacity, rides on high-flotation tyres and the tow-between model can be co
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