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Aussie Pumps ready to protect national parks

Sydney based Australian Pump Industries has won a contract to supply 280 diesel-drive Aussie Fire Chief pumps for the mobile firefighting unit of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Australian Pump has worked closely with National Parks over the last 25 years in supplying a speci
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Kubota reveals M8 Series high power tractors

Kubota has made an OEM manufacturing agreement with Versatile that enables it to blend its engineering prowess with Versatile’s history of building big tractors, to launch the Kubota M8 Series. There were initial claims that Kubota was about to buy Versatile, but the arrangement is st
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Mahindra higher horsepower tractors

Mahindra 7590 tractor
The Mahindra 8000 series 80hp tractor has been the bedrock of the Mahindra Australia tractor range since 2012.  Selling over 500 units in Australia, it has been well regarded for its solid and build, easy maintenance and reputation for being able to handle the tough stuff. The factory
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BKT V-FLEXA steel-belted flotation tyres for trailers

BKT has revealed a tyre specifically designed for agricultural trailers, the V-FLEXA radial. The flotation tyre also incorporates VF technology (Very High Flexion), and this enables the V-FLEXA to transport heavy loads with an inflation pressure that is 30 per cent less than a standar
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Digga Magnum Mulcher effectively cuts fire breaks

Digga Magnum Mulcher on skid steer
With much of Australia facing difficult bushfire conditions, land and vegetation clearing is a must to create much-needed firebreaks. While back burning is the preferred method, it’s not always possible, making Digga Australia’s Mulcher an effective alternative. The Digga Mulcher is a
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Kuhn sets a raking world record in Jutland

Kuhn has set a world record for raking with a GA 15131 gyrorake covering 188.9 hectares in only 8 hours. The record just verified by the DLG, was achieved on August 26, 2019 in Braedstrup, Denmark with a four rotor gyrorake GA 15131, standard model. It was hitched to a John Deere 6250
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New Holland Genesis T8 Series is precision smart

New Holland has debuted its 2019 flagship Genesis T8 Series tractor loaded with Precision Land Management Intelligence (PLM). Built in-house from the ground up, PLM is New Holland’s intuitive precision farming platform designed to adapt to the unique needs of each individual farmer. P
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Lallemand stored silage meets long-term feed requirements

Lallemand silage production
Silage allows you to store high quality feed for extended periods until you need it, years or even decades in the future, giving you more options to finish or maintain livestock, no matter what the season. Many livestock producers are turning to Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a leading A
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Parts Express to open Toowoomba distribution warehouse

Neils Parts Warehouse Toowoomba
It’s a runaway successful in the US, and now agricultural parts wholesaler Parts Express is opening its first distribution warehouse in Australia. It will be based in Toowoomba Qld. Parts Express is a leading wholesaler of agricultural parts in the United States and carries one of the
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