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Briggs and Stratton files for bankruptcy protection

One of the greatest small engine makers of all time, Briggs and Stratton has filed for court protection under Chapter 11 of  the  U.S. Bankruptcy Code. With a us$6.7 million interest repayment not met on time, it became clear the company could not continue business under its present s
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Goldacres Prairie Pro has broadacre covered

Goldacres Prairie Pro 8548
Goldacres has one of the widest model offerings available for trailed sprayers, with popular sellers in both the Prairie Compact line offering 1000 to 2000-litres and the Prairie Specials jumping up to 2500 to 6500-litre product capacities. But sitting very confidently at the top of t
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Torsus Praetorian 4WD takes a bus load across all terrain

Torsus Praetorian
If you ever wanted a bus to take you across the roughest ground ever en-counted, we have found it for you. Its the innovative Torsus Praetorian 4WD off-road bus. Created in partnership with the Werkemotion industrial design studio, the Torsus Praetorian is aimed at transporting worker
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Hardi Navigator 6000 with ActiveAir at work in SA

Hardi Navigator 6000
Hardi’s range of Navigator trailed sprayers are built on a platform that offers growers a simple and reliable spray solution as it is also a series known for ease of use. With 3000, 4000, 5000 or 6000 litre main tank options, plus valuable extras from airbag suspension to ISOBUS conne
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Davimac Group increases demand for Aussie-built models

Davimac Group has been working hard to build its Australian dealership network to sell and support its range of Australian-built farm implements. Millions of Australian businesses have seen their employees spend the last few months gearing up home offices, learning to use video-confer
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Schuitemaker Feedo perfect for hay and silage

Starting in business with a manure spreader, manufacturer Schuitemaker has since launched agricultural machines to suit a wide range of needs for farmers and contractors. With a focus on increasing efficiency and ease of operation, Schuitemaker machines are leading the way across the
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Cutmans Engineering expands its locally made product lines

Cutmans Feedmax
Cutmans Engineering has been able to develop a grain auger that vastly improves product quality, while their range of hay feed-out trailers can significantly reduce feeding costs. Grain augers Cutman’s Engineering hydraulic drive grain auger has a vastly simplified design to maximise
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Manutec expands Aussie Made parts and components

Manutec CNC machine
Putting its faith in the growing local demand for more accurate planting components and replacement parts, Manutec has increased its CNC machining capability and taken on two additional apprentices to assist with the growth. In addition to doubling product output this latest plant mac
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Beverley Hydra Boom sprayers have all broadacre covered

Beverley Hydraboom
The family owned Beverley Hydra Boom business builds its sprayers in the Avon Valley, Western Australia. The original Hydra Boom, designed by local farmer David Adams, was revolutionary at the time as instead of manually folding booms it used hydraulics to lift and fold. That farmer i
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