Power Equipment delivers efficient Yanmar irrigation package

This Power equipment built Yanmar irrigation unit is what you need – they are clean, quiet, powerful and fuel efficient – mounted to a robust galvanised steel frame

Power Equipment irrigation packs now include the latest Yanmar engines from 5.5 to55kW (7.5 to 75hp) and a range of standard and optional extras, including several different control panels.

The irrigation packs are straight forward to set up and deliver a long working life.

Yanmar builds engines that are clean, quiet, powerful and fuel efficient. For the irrigation pack the engine is mounted to a robust galvanised steel frame.

The frame is on skids to make it easy to position, and the engine has a heavy-duty radiator rated to 45 degrees.

The engine is secured with isolating mounts to supress vibration. The design of the irrigation packs limits vibrations through the drive train, which reduces engine fatigue and failures due to misalignment.

Power Equipment irrigation packs come with a Flex drive shaft plate attached to the engine, a pump shaft hub, and grub screw lock. The pump is coupled to the engine via the drive shaft.

All irrigation packs include a mounting plate for the pump. Also available are optional pressure transducers for the pump, which deliver 25 bar (362 PSI).

Other standard functions include a variable engine speed controller, muffler, air cleaner, fuel filter, and battery leads. Oil and coolant are also included.

Buyers can add a number of optional extras, including a lifting beam with a bracket to mount the control panel and a 120-litre fuel tank.

Several control panels – PE Manual, PE Auto and PE Nano – can be specified with Power Equipment irrigation packs.

Power Equipment is at the forefront of the irrigation industry because it supplies efficient Yanmar engines and they make irrigation packs that are user-friendly and easy for a competent person to set up and get started.

Check out the Power Equipment range of Yanmar Irrigation packs at: http://www.powerequipment.com.au/products/industrial-engines/irrigation-packs/