Purecab offers a generous discount for an essential new in-cab filter update

Purecab have made it an easy decision to replace or upgrade your current in-cab filter system with a hefty 20% discount that can be applied to all new filters fitted during February 2024

Purecab has been the market leader for clean cabin air filters for tractors and sprayers since 1988 and is offering a 20% discount on new filters fitted in February 2024 to celebrate its new factory opening

It’s not often that a required product line is offered at a 20% discount, but that is just what Purecab is offering on its industry-accepted, most effective carbon filtration tractor and sprayer cabin air filters.

With this hefty discount, it’s the ideal time to get season-ready and ensure complete clean air safety with Purecab activated carbon filters that can adsorb contaminants before they enter the cabin.

This special deal will only run during February 2024 for new filters sold and has been activated to celebrate the opening of the new Purecab manufacturing and testing facility on a larger, more efficient site that can service customers faster.

In addition to the 1500 activated carbon tractor cabin filters that Ultrasafe manufactures to suit almost every tractor and sprayer model ever made, there are also some notable new model releases.

With Purecab you can be certain the air filter is able to ensure the included activated carbon filters will adsorb contaminants before they enter your cabin

Australian-made materials have been used in the design and technology for cabin air filters to suit the most recent release New Holland’s T.4F and T.4V Series category-4 cabins, John Deere’s 6R and 8R Series and Fendt Vario 211P/211S tractor Series.

While specialist new filter releases have been designed for John Deere 6R sprayers, Claas Xerion tractors and Landini REX4 vineyard and orchard series tractors. With an external filtration unit that is reusable and, in many instances, performs better than OEM options.

Your cabin filter new installation or upgrade will be in safe hands as Ultrasafe uses ADXORB Activated Carbon to deliver a higher level of protection that has been proven to offer up to 11-times more chemical adsorption than competitors.

For added value savings Purecab filters are reusable, simply return them to Purecab’s expanded manufacturing plant once the filter’s life is exhausted and it will be reconditioned as new, usually at around half the price of a new filter.

Switch all your cabin filter to the one that is proven better than all others – Purecab

Locations Australia wide

With a successful distribution structure in place since 1988 Purecab has become the market leader with customers active across worldwide markets including Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Purecab is the recognised industry go-to brand for cabin air filtration for farmers, tractor dealers and mechanical service teams that specialise in tractor and farm equipment repairs.

The extensive range of cabin air filters now includes over 1,500 models and are readily fitted to leading badges such as John Deere, Fendt, Kubota, New Holland, Claas, Case IH and most other models. While Purecab can also fit external air filter units for other farm vehicles with cabs that do not currently have a sufficient air conditioning system.

Replace or update your filters now at a hefty 20% discount on new filters, and start the new season on the right foot with a safe and healthy cabin to work in.

Go direct to the exclusive discount offer here and remember to include the code 20%discount on the purchase order to receive the 20% discount on new filters during February 2024.

To locate your nearest dealer, call on 08 8352 4033.

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