Putting regional Australia in context


Key information profiling Australia’s agriculture sector on a region-by-region basis is available in ABARES’ latest About my region profiles. Source: AFDJ eNews

ABARES Executive Director, Peter Gooday, said the profiles provided a concise overview of the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors in every region across the nation.

“It is important that Australian growers and producers have access to up to date, useful information on their regions and these profiles allow them to understand their business in a national context,” Mr Gooday said.

“The more information industry has, the better it can plan and make effective business decisions; the same applies to peak body groups and agricultural policy development at all levels of government.

“These profiles contain information on employment and the value and size of local industries at regional, state and territory, and national levels.

“They provide a snap-shot of agriculture in your region, as well as the recent financial performance of the broadacre, dairy and vegetable industries.”

The About my region profiles contain information on:

  • the geographic size and population of each region
  • the number of people employed in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors (compared with other sectors) in the region
  • the value of agricultural production in the region
  • the number and type of farms in the region
  • indicators of recent farm financial performance, at state level, based on ABARES survey data (farm cash incomes, business profit, debt levels, rate of return to capital) for grains, sheep, beef and dairy farms
  • the size and value of the fisheries sector in/near the region
  • some information about the size and value of the forestry industry, including the area and composition of plantation areas and native forests.

To view the report visit www.abares.gov.au/publications/aboutmyregion