RC Mowers offer safe remote-controlled mowers

RC Mowers remote controlled models that run on tracks make mowing slopes and embankments significantly safer are a growing trend with an increasing market share

The USA built RC Mowers range of remote controlled all-terrain, all-weather models are now available in Australia and New Zealand through Colbrook Industries.

These powerful remote-controlled mowers can handle steep inclines of up to 50-deg working in all weather conditions while the operator stands a safe distance of 90m (300ft) away.

RC Mowers run on tracks that can power through hard-to-reach places at the same time as minimising the risk of injury to the user.

They are seen as the perfect solution for the maintenance of embankments, roadside vegetation, and for keeping turf in premium condition.

There are also  remote-controlled solutions to handle wet and boggy swamp land, so they can be used for land clearing and landscaping in areas where operators often struggle to maintain.

There are three RC Mowers remote-controlled models available in Australia and New Zealand. The TK48P with a 1220mm (48-inch) cut, the TK52XP with a 1320mm (52-inch) cut and the TK-60XP that offers the greatest capability in the range.

The TK-60XP has a cutting width of 1525mm (60-inches) that is designed to handle an average of 1ha (2.5 acres) an hour.

It offers the ability to mow tall and thick grass, as well as brush and saplings of up to 25mm in diameter.

Running on 228mm tracks this remote-controlled mower offers low ground pressure for wet terrain, and this enables it to be used in all-weather and all-conditions.

The TK-60XP is powered by a 26kW (35hp) Kawasaki FX691V engine that reaches a top speed of 8.5kph.

It is supported by a fuel tank with a capacity of 50 litres.

It has a push bar, chain guard, front and rear lights, ROPS, as well as a transport lock and track tension gauge.

RC Mowers are accessorised with safety in mind. Using fabricated 7Ga steel with 6mm spindle reinforcements for the deck material, the RC Mowers are designed for both efficiency and durability.

More information is available on RC remote-controlled mowers at the Colbrook Industries website, see: https://colbrookindustries.com.au/

Or call direct on tel: 03 8369 6610, fax: 03 8368 2699, or email: info@colbrookindustries.com.au