Rebel hay handling equipment recognised as top quality worldwide

Rebel’s hay accumulator offers a leading design in bale handling directly from the chamber along a chute and onto a table where the push bar forms 5 rows and 3 columns

The Rebel Equipment accumulator shown here painted in a special order yellow is designed so just one operator can pick up 15 bales at a time to stack on to a trailer, into a hay shed or onto the back of a truck ready for transport

The Rebellato family started out making hay as contractors in the Lachlan Valley NSW for several decades before moving into manufacturing in 2004. They are now one of our top ranking names in hay handling.

As hay contractors the Rebellato family were in a prime position to improve on the way

hay handling equipment should be built and operated, so started out to supply better quality haymaking equipment to the local market.

Nic Rebellato explained the reason behind their move to improve hay handling equipment they used themselves, “I’m a boilermaker, and my father is the lucerne farmer, so I’ve grown up cutting, raking and baling lucerne.

“That helps when you’re designing and making the equipment because you know what it’s required to do.

“We use what we make ourselves, so we know how to build it on designs that are better and simpler than other units on the market.”

Among the most popular models in the Rebel Equipment range is the Hay Accumulator.

The bales travel directly from the bale chamber along the chute and onto the accumulator table where the push bar moves them across after each of the 5 rows and 3 columns are formed.

The Accumulator then automatically off loads directly onto the ground ready for pick up and loading using a Hay Grab.

The Hay grab from Rebel Equipment is a bale handling system designed for single person operation in hay handling and loading tasks

This system allows an operator to pick up 15 bales at a time to then stack onto a trailer, into a hay shed or onto the back of a truck ready for transport, it only takes one person to operate.

This family owned business has also made inroads into exporting Rebel Equipment to farmers overseas as well.

While Rebel was a regular exhibitor at field days across NSW, it gained its first export order in 2006 to a farm in Brazil.

Since that time, this successful farm machinery maker has also dispatched orders to Europe from its Forbes NSW workshop.

Rebel Equipment’s manager Nic Rebellato said at the time, “While the sale to Europe was not the company’s first export, it was a milestone, as many more orders from overseas are expected to follow.”

The order came about through an email inquiry from Stefan Södergren’s SS Lantbruksentreprenad AB, a haymaking and contracting business in Tierp, Sweden.

“We sent Stefan information and he was so impressed with our manufacturing quality that he agreed to buy the gear, so it’s exciting for us to be sending into a market like Europe where so much haymaking equipment is already available locally.”

Mr Södergren’s company has bought two Rebel grabs and one accumulator, built to fold up to less than 2.3 metres so it would fit into a 6m (20ft) container.

“The accumulators we make for Australia are 3.1m wide, so this one was made specially.”

The container only took 67 days to get from Sydney to the port of Gävle in Sweden, and Mr Rebellato said he expected more sales into Scandinavia would follow.  

“We’ve had a lot of interest from the US as well. That’s our next step,” Nic stated.

Rebel Equipment employs four to five staff and sells grabs and flat-top and tipping trailers to a client base where haymakers and produce stores are in demand.

Call rebel Equipment direct on tel: 02 6852 2049 or ring Nic on 0404 913 867. See the full range at: Rebel Equipment.