Redekop has designed the ultimate Harvest weed seed control solution

Redekop is offering a forward solution to weed control well before the seed gets a chance to take root by fitting an SCU to your harvester and the credentials are impressive

The Redekop SCU’s fully integrated design will fit seamlessly into a current combine and make it the most effective weed seed control tool by killing up to 98% of the harvestable weed seeds in a single pass offering the option to drastically reduce or remove chemicals from the crop rotation

Somewhere along the path between planting and expectations of a high-yielding harvest is the unrelenting attack of weeds in crops that growers worldwide are struggling to combat. That is up until now.

The 2023 Innovations Award at Ag in Motion, Western Canada’s biggest farm expo has confirmed what we already knew, Redekop’s harvest seed weed control unit is the most progressive and cost-efficient way to eradicate weeds without chemicals.

Over the past few harvests, Redekop has given us hope the end is near for those strange smelling mixtures with warning signs from one end to the other in red, chemicals, that leave the handler with the expectation they will die if whiffed, spilt on their trousers or look sideways for a second.

And worst of all from this hellish nightmare of paperwork regulations and restrictions is the niggling issue that the correct application hasn’t been applied. As all-resistant weeds just seem to get stronger after each harvest.

The search for a method away from continued less effective chemical usage has taken the genius farm inventor along an unusual path of a mechanical eradication solution.

Redekop’s SCU offers the most advanced weed seed control with an engineered fit into all current release combines while the components offer a long life and extended service with minimal maintenance costs

The brave pioneers that first suggested crushing the weed seed at the same time as harvest has trodden a lonely road to get growers on board. And it is only due to the high cost of herbicides and persistent weed resistance issues that led the first batch of harvest operators to at least give the mechanical system a tryout.

What has sprung out of the idea of mechanical weed crushing at harvest is a group of growers that have been able to throw away the herbicide crutch that many hate anyway, and instead become pioneers in cleaner Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC) methods.

This approach has been spawned and perfected in the paddock to a point where it is quickly becoming the most sustainable weed management system, with a growth in popularity between each harvest that makes it almost impossible for HWSC manufacturers to keep up.

And for the record, it is particularly local growers that have embraced this method more readily than northern hemisphere markets. As they seek a breakaway from herbicides that simply can’t be doing anybody any good with all those warning labels giving a big hint, especially at a time when growers are faced with increasing incidents of herbicide resistance and high costs.

The ability to collect and eradicate weed seeds at harvest, before weeds can populate the soil seed bank for future growth is with us now, and equipment innovators have worked hard to make Seed Control Units (SCU) more effective and with fewer risks than herbicide alternatives.

Weed control was fast becoming a struggle for growers to control herbicide resistant weeds and contend with more regulations and restrictions than ever but that was until Redekop has shown the light on a much cleaner method

Weed control starts at Harvest

Pioneering this method in many world markets is the Redekop Manufacturing Seed Control Unit (SCU) as it takes weed control to a level nearing perfection, at just 2% off.

With a Redekop SCU fitted to the harvester, there is no need for the operator to do anything other than run with the normal harvest routine.

Weeds, especially those late maturing and volunteer grains are combined at harvest along with the rest of the crop by the SCU. This is the start of making sure any weed seeds that enter the combine along with the grain, are controlled at this point and stopped from being able to spread across the paddock unabated in the chaff and straw.

The Redekop SCU’s integrated controls and simple switch allows the operator to adapt the combine to varying harvesting conditions, reducing downtime and enhancing operation efficiency

Redekop’s SCU has the support of growers worldwide as being the leading contender in controlling harvestable weed seeds and growers are quickly warming to the SCU method of, collecting and conditioning, as the most effective for ensuing weed control.

And while there are several HWSC options available, it is now accepted a mechanical weed control tool such as an impact mill is the most effective.

Impact mills run the chaff through a design that destroys the weed seed, and then spreads it across the paddock to avoid waste and keep weed content contained.

To give examples of proven test results, Redekop’s SCU destroys up to 98% of the harvestable weed seeds in a single pass, through the process of devitalisation, and this is how growers will continue to adapt to reduce the risk of creating more herbicide-resistant weeds.

Redekop provides a 12-month warranty on the SCU and a 2-year Mill Life guarantee with all 2023 units fitted and is available now through respective John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, CLAAS and Fendt dealers

In-paddock solution

With several seasons of operational experience to call upon, an SCU fitted to a harvester is now seen as the most effective and cost-efficient weed control solution.

The Redekop SCU is fully compatible with all the leading harvester brands and can easily integrate into the combine for a seamless solution. Being interchangeable means growers can leverage their existing equipment with a proven upgrade to their combine and be part of utilising the most effective weed seed control method currently available without chemicals.

Because the SCU impact mill is a current design it is calibrated to increase the devitalisation of weed seeds while reducing engine power requirements.

Engineers have prioritised operational efficiency, ensuring the SCU drive can be engaged or disengaged as required to keep the combine operating at peak capacity without special tools or removal of the SCU. 

Redekop Mill design

Redekop engineers lead the SCU market with their reversible mill through a design offering the most efficient power ratios and the inclusion of long life, high-wear components in the build.

With Redekop, once the weed seed enters the system mill it is hit with a high enough velocity to render the seed infertile, or what is known as devitalisation. The seed does not have to be crushed, sheared, or ground up to be devitalised. The Redekop Harvest weed seed control (HWSC) mill is effective in providing the impact required to render the weed seed infertile.

The Redekop SCU has the option to quickly and easily bypass the mill when not required and offers the easiest access to the sieve area without completely removing the unit

The Redekop SCU is designed with two side-by-side impact mills that spin in opposite directions. Each mill includes a rotor that turns at a fixed 2850rpm, and a stator made of U-shaped elements. The rotor and stator components are fully reversible allowing twice the life of the components and as a result an estimated two harvest seasons of use.

Material is discharged near the middle of the assembly. Each rotor includes 2 rings of 16 round pins and fan blades in the middle to draw chaff and weed seeds into the system and accelerate them against the stator elements.

The design and engineering of the Redekop SCU allows for a reduction in power requirements while maximising the impact surfaces to achieve weed seed kill rates of up to 98%. These results are verified and based on third-party independent testing.

Gear up with Redekop

Redekop’s SCU is the most progressive, flexible and cost-efficient method to control weeds without the use of chemicals or additional cultivation. This was confirmed when the company won the 2023 Innovations Award for Environmental Sustainability at Ag In Motion, Western Canada’s outdoor farm Expo for the Redekop harvest seed control unit (SCU).

Headquartered in Saskatchewan Canada, Redekop Manufacturing delivers innovative harvest solutions to growers around the world and made a point of working with Australian growers from the very outset of SCU design and testing.

For local farmers, Redekop’s SCU systems are sold and serviced here for the most current harvester models through local dealer yards, where everything is fitted and includes ongoing service.

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