Redekop SCU kills weeds at harvest

Harvest and kill weeds in one pass with world leader Redekop

Harvest and kill weeds in one pass with world leader Redekop’s SCU that can be readily fitted to most mainstream makes and models of combines in the Australian market including upgraded Fendt IDEAL 8, 9 and 10 combine harvesters

The Redekop seed control unit (SCU) design is proven for wide residue distribution across the whole cutting width and for its ease of installation into a combine drive and display system by the same local dealer that sold the combine

Controlling weed seeds at harvest is relatively new but world market leader Redekop is getting more inquiries than ever for growers to add a Seed Control Unit (SCU) for the upcoming harvest.

The company has doubled its workforce for 2023 and looks very likely to repeat that expansion next year as well.

Local growers have joined the worldwide trend to eliminate up to 99.5% of weed plant seed at harvest, with no slow-down of the normal harvest routine.

The only difference is while the harvest takes place, the integrated SCU is busily at work eliminating weed plant seeds before they can spring up and take tonnes of herbicide at a great cost to eradicate.

Australia has been the main launch platform for the Redekop SCU and moving forward, applying the latest technology to its SCU as it evolves, and following our local lead sales are expected to expand worldwide with the brand tipped to become the biggest selling SCU in the world

While harvest weed seed control (HWSC) using a new integrated impact mill is in its infancy, it is proving highly effective for local growers when an SCU is added to a harvest regime.

Weed seeds would otherwise be broadcast by the harvester, onto the crop residue with the likelihood of creating a solid weed seed bank to contend with later.

For growers battling herbicide-resistant weeds in our local crops, Redekop has proven how fitting an SCU is an immediate answer to eradicate resistant weeds.

As a result, there has already been significant SCU adoption by local growers but expect the next harvest to show the highest fitted numbers to date.

The Redekop SCU unit is eventually expected to replace previous sometimes ineffective methods of using chaff carts, narrow windrow burning, and direct bale systems to handle weed seed.

Even growers dedicated to narrow windrow burning, previously the most adopted method, and those that avoided burning by tramlining the chaff into single lines behind the combine have been part of the significant upswing in SCU adoption.

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The Redekop SCU integrated impact mill slots neatly into the combine and has no impact on the normal harvest run. And the return on the outlay is high as the SCU can reduce weed seeds to cause loss of viability up to 99.5% in Canola.

This result was from tests back in 2020 in Saskatoon Canada and enticed many growers onboard the SCU train of thought as a consequence.

This and subsequent testing were enough to gain a place for the Redekop SCU impact mill into the harvesting regime of many growers fed up with trying to tame herbicide-resistant weeds.

Following initial test launches as far back as 2018, there have now been two busy seasons under the belt of local growers, who swear by the effectiveness of their Redekov SCU units to eliminate weed seeds.

Our local marketplace has grown experientially for the SCU that Redekop offers as the company has the most proven experience with harvesters through their Straw Chopper technology, now fitted to more than 25,000 combines across 30 countries.

Both Case IH Flagship and New Holland CR Wide frame models can be ordered with a full MAV-SCU system providing the ability to chop, mill and windrow, all with bypass provision and from the local dealer network

Brand recognition also places Redekop in a commanding position for ongoing SCU market share fittings worldwide.

A further advantage is the Redekop SCU has been designed as an integrated Weed Seed Mill system, and in effect becomes part of the whole residue system, this design is not just an add-on.

Interest from local growers fitting a Redekop SCU for the coming season is high as the company has been aware of the local problem of herbicide resistance weeds through its research to solve crop residue problems for grain growers for the past 35 years.

Originating from Canada, Redekop now has a full-time team based in Australia, armed with the latest research and development of harvest weed seed control solutions including the Redekop SCU integrated MAV Strawchopper and Weed Seed Mill. 

The Redekop SCU is expected to become the global leader in harvest weed seed control technology.

Giving growers an effective method to managing herbicide-resistant weeds, lowering weed growth pressure and reducing costs associated with herbicides.

Redekop’s big achievement is that their SCU unit can be fitted to the most popular combines from John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, CLAAS and including the recently updated Fendt IDEAL 8, 9 and 10 combines

Fitting a Redekop SCU

Redekop’s big achievement is that their SCU unit can be fitted to the most popular combines from John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, CLAAS and including the recently updated Fendt IDEAL 8, 9 and 10 combines.

And in a show of confidence, the Redekop SCU systems are sold and serviced here through existing local brand dealers that often sold the buyers the combine in the first place, giving operators peace of mind that full servicing will always be available close by.

When it comes to practical harvest operation, every box has been ticked. The Redekop SCU can be activated or shut down in a matter of minutes with a Quick Release drive hub and movable door positions.

Redekop engineers have designed the SCU to gain every ounce of value as the mill can be switched around halfway through its life cycle to extend its usage even further.

And obviously thinking well ahead, Redekop acquired the full rights to CHAFFsense™ monitoring technology in Australia to incorporate a blockage sensor that alerts the operator of potential plugging, well before a problem even arises.

When the harvest is completed, the SCU can be removed for post-harvest inspection with the aid of the supplied service frame in just 20 minutes. 

Redekop’s Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) Straw Chopper is a breakthrough in harvest weed seed control and the MAV now combines all the benefits of the MAV straw chopper with the Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU). This unique design provides John Deere combines with a flexible and cost-efficient solution to destroy 98% of the harvestable weeds in a single-pass operation

Redekop has partnered with John Deere to make the SCU available through John Deere dealers for their line of S780 and S790 combines with each of the factory strawchopper options.

In addition, the complete MAV Strawchopper and fully integrated SCU system can be retrofitted on most John Deere S600 and S700 series combines.

CLAAS Lexion 8000 Series combines can operate with Redekop factory strawchopper options and are readily available through CLAAS Dealers.

Both Case IH and New Holland CR flagship models can be ordered with a full MAV-SCU system providing the ability to chop, mill and windrow, all with bypass provision as required.

And for added confidence, the Redekov SCU is readily available and can be fitted through respective John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, CLAAS and Fendt dealers.

Redekop provides a 12-month warranty on the SCU and a 2-year Mill Life Guarantee with all 2023 units fitted.

In addition, an extensive parts inventory has been established to serve all local requirements in Adelaide SA, with 24-hour shipping across the country.

There has been a rush like no other for Redekop fittings in time for season 2023-24.

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