Redekop Seed Control Unit is a perfect fit for John Deere X9 Series harvesters

John Deere worked with world leading brand Redekop to adapt SCU technology to suit the power and capacity of the biggest X9 combine harvesters

John Deere’s X-Series combine harvester owners can now fit a Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU) with the added assurance of 3-years of testing across the world

For operators about to go back into next season’s round of essential jobbing routines leading up to planting, there is one major task that could well have been reduced in time considerably, seeking out and spraying residue cover weeds.

In the winter season just completed, the biggest number of Seed Control Units (SCU’s) to date were fitted to harvesters with the expectation there will be much reduced ground cover weeds to worry about, as has been proven over the past four seasons by harvester owners that have already added an SCU to their operation.

It is expected that many harvest operations that have delayed fitting an SCU up until now, to make sure the investment does reduce weeds and will pay for itself through reduced weed-seeking time and less chemical cost, will now take the chance to fit an SCU before the next harvest.

For owners running the high power and extra capacity of John Deere X-Series combine harvesters can now complement their operation with the advanced weed control capability of Redekop’s Seed Control Unit (SCU) that can destroy harvestable weed seeds in a single pass. See more about the Redekop SCU operation here.

Redekop’s Seed Control Unit destroys up to 98% of harvestable seeds in a single pass to make it the most sought after SCU for the greatest harvest efficiency

John Deere X-Series owners along with all combine harvester operators are often surprised at how well streamlined the Redekop SCU mounts to the combine chopper and injects processed chaff directly into the residue stream for wide ground cover distribution over the entire cutting width.

In doing so, the Redekop SCU destroys up to 98% of harvestable seeds, with the result of drastically reducing the time needed to seek out post-harvest weeds with a system proven to be best to manage weed resistance for the next seasons.

The world’s leading SCU brand, Redekov, has been testing its SCU on John Deere X-Series combine harvesters for three years on models working in Canada, Australia and Germany, where it performed with flying colours.

As a result, Redekop SCU will be available to fit to local X-Series combines from 1 February 2024. And with an ensuing rush expected to be SCU fitted before next season’s harvest, a call to your local dealer sooner rather than later would be a good plan.

John Deere Production System Manager, Ben Kelly, said all the benefits already enjoyed by customers with SCUs on John Deere S-Series combine harvesters will now flow through to the owners and operators of X-Series models.

“The SCU is already a proven performer on S-Series combines and we are excited to have worked collaboratively with the team at Redekop to adapt the technology to be suited to the power and capacity of the bigger machines.

“This will also open the door to John Deere X9 models being an option for more farmers, knowing they can fit this highly effective weed control system, further allowing them to grow the efficiency of their small grain and cereal cropping operations,” Ben Kelly added.

Redekop’s Seed Control Unit for X9 John Deere combine harvesters was tested for three seasons prior to release and that same engineering prowess is available for most other recent release harvesters

Collaborative design

Redekop’s Trevor Thiessen further explained how the trials over the past three years clearly demonstrated the combined John Deere and Redekop design teams had created an iteration of SCU that could handle the additional volume presented by the X-Series, without compromising harvester throughput.

“The X9 has significantly more capacity, including cleaning shoe capacity, than the John Deere S-Series, so we had to make sure that the mills taking the material off the back of the harvester could handle that,” Trevor Thiessen added.

“We tested the SCU in Australia and Canada, but we were most concerned with the amount of straw and material it would encounter in European conditions. Being able to prove the worth of X9 SCUs in German wheat crops that were pushing eight to nine tonnes/hectare, and some barley running at eleven-and-a-half tonnes/hectare, gave us confidence the unit could perform anywhere.”

Redekop worked closely with John Deere engineering departments to fine tune and adapt air flow, shoe pressure, load limits on the drive line and other components in this special X9-Series iteration of the SCU.

“To ensure the technologies worked together, at the start John Deere provided us with a pre-production X9, and that allowed us to do our fit-up, fabrication and design work to exacting dimensions.

“We had drawings for the back end of the combine that we could modify in the CAD system before we tried the physical prototypes, so that made it easier to develop a solution that integrates seamlessly with the X-Series,” Trevor Thiessen concluded

John Deere’s X-Series combine harvesters fitted with a Redekop SCU ran alongside X-Series models without an SCU fitted and the harvest performance results were comparable

How the SCU works

The Redekop SCU, mounted behind the cleaning shoe of X-Series combines and fully integrated with the harvester, is designed to work in all crop conditions with one set of mills, negating the need to swap mills in response to crop or harvest conditions.

The reversible mills can destroy up to 98% of harvestable seeds before the material is directed back to the residue stream, mixed with straw and spread evenly over the entire cutting width, to ensure minimal weed pressure and better crop establishment in subsequent seasons.

The Redekov SCU is fully integrated with the G5PLUS CommandCenter™ and can be easily engaged or disengaged as required.

“The integration with CommandCenter was flawless, there were just some tweaks to the software to make it all work, and because we have a great relationship with the John Deere engineering departments, it makes it all easy,” Trevor Thiessen added.

In Canadian trials, farmer co-operators were very pleased with the ability of the X9 SCU to handle crops when compared to running side by side with X9-Series combines that weren’t fitted with the unit.

Trevor Thiessen is quick to give credit to Australian innovators for pioneering the systems that have led to the successful development of Redekop Harvest Weed Seed Control practices of today.

“Australian farmers were some of the first to understand the preventative benefits of this type of weed control and the good news is that others around the world, in the US, South America and Europe, are seeing what they’re doing, so Australia should be proud of once again being first with successful technology,” Trevor Thiessen concluded.

To find out more about a Redekov SCU for John Deere’s X-Series and other combine harvester models, contact your local John Deere dealer.

A Redekop SCU can be fitted to most current combine harvesters with the objective to destroys up to 98% of harvestable seeds in a single pass

Gear up with Redekop

Redekop’s SCU is the most progressive, flexible and cost-efficient method to control weeds without the use of chemicals or additional cultivation. This was confirmed when the company won the 2023 Innovations Award for Environmental Sustainability at Ag In Motion, Western Canada’s outdoor farm Expo for the Redekop harvest seed control unit (SCU).

Headquartered in Saskatchewan Canada, Redekop Manufacturing delivers innovative harvest solutions to growers around the world and made a point of working with Australian growers from the very outset of SCU design and testing.

For local farmers, Redekop’s SCU systems are sold and serviced here for the most current harvester models through local dealer yards, where everything is fitted and includes ongoing service.

For more information about an SCU or to find your nearest Redekop dealer, see or contact your local Redekop expert on the ground, Marney Strachan on 0419 912 903, or email

For more regional locations, call Neale Heinrich for the SA/Vic growing regions direct on 0418 823 627, or by email: or call Tom Fleay in WA direct at 0428 420 154, or by email: for help and advice.