Remanufacturing with CNH

Remanufacturing is an important element of CNH Industrial, one which encourages resource productivity and reduces waste. Source: AFDJ eNews

The latest online episode of CNH Industrial’s Behind the Wheel takes a closer look at Remanufacturing, explaining why it is an important, sustainable and competitive proposition for customers across various industrial sectors from agriculture and construction to transport.

Remanufacturing is an alternative solution to replacing old parts with new for equipment and promotes the lower total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of equipment.

The process involves disassembling a part down to its core component level, thoroughly cleaning it, replacing components, machining if required, reassembling, and testing it to its Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications.

CNH Industrial’s process ensures that its remanufactured parts precisely meet a new part’s performance.

The process lessens the impact on the environment by remanufacturing parts which already exist as opposed to using new raw materials, thus eliminating the need for mining, smelting, and casting.

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