Report on world dairy market available to all as webinar

The launch of the IDF World Dairy Situation Report for 2020 will be a grand webinar affair for everyone interested in dairy market trends. Put this date aside, Tuesday 27th October 2020, at 13:00 to 14:30 (CET).

There is a fee to access this webinar feed, for one viewer 35 EUR, for a maximum of 5 employees of the same company 75 EUR.

The webinar is an opportunity to introduce the latest edition of the IDF’s flagship publication on global dairy markets, written by dairy sector experts.

The 2020 edition of the well-established IDF World Dairy Situation Report provides an overview of the dairy sector and markets worldwide, global trends as well as recent developments.

This year’s report also features a special chapter on the preliminary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dairy sector.

If you book for the webinar you can then access the World Dairy Situation Report 2020 at a reduced rate of 300 EUR instead of 500 EUR, but this special offer ends on 15 November 2020. After this date, the publication will be sold at its usual price of 500 EUR.

The moderator for the webinar will be Gilles Froment, Chair SCDPE and Facilitator, he joined Parmalat Canada, now Lactalis Canada as Senior Vice-President, Government and Industry Relations in 2016.

He is part of the Lactalis Canada’s Executive Team and sits on several Board of Director and/or Executive Committees for the industry (DPAC, CILQ, ODC, WDC).

Some of the speakers you will get to hear include Mélanie Richard, CNIEL who holds a master’s degree in Agronomy with a specialisation in Economics and Development and has 15 years’ experience in the agricultural sector and market analysis.

After 3 years working on development programs in Tchad and Vanuatu, Mélanie joined the sectorial Economics team of the French livestock institute in Paris where she worked consecutively on the beef and dairy sector.

Since last year, Mélanie had led the Economic department of CNIEL, the French Dairy inter-branch Association, which provides market monitoring and expertise on dairy policies and economics to dairy sector operators.

In 2018, she joined the IDF Standing Committee for Dairy Policies and Economics and leads the action team responsible for the development of the World Dairy Situation Report.

A further guest speaker is Jurriën Scheepstra, a market analyst for ZuivelNL, with 18 years of experience in the dairy sector. Since 2010, he has been involved in the compiling of the World Dairy Situation Report.

Specialist in analysing developments on global dairy markets and statistics, since 2015, he has also been a partner of Dairyntel, which focuses on developing tailormade solutions in the field of market information. Jurriën graduated from Erasmus University, Rotterdam (Business Economics).

Some of the content in the World Dairy Situation Report will include:

1. Direct information from main dairy participants

2. First-hand, reliable data 

3. Coverage of more than key 50 dairy countries (plus data covering many more)

4. Consistent 20-year data series (production, consumption, trade, etc.)

5. Accompanying materials: user-friendly, Excel datasheets, tables/graphs and PowerPoint slides included

6. Succinct analysis that explains data and main findings

7. Dairy market facts accessible for non-economists

The report will be of interest for dairy farmers, equipment and service providers, dairy processors, cooperatives, distributors and retailers, experts in dairy marketing, sales, nutrition, ingredient and input firms, food-industry/food service, agricultural schools, universities, governments representatives, consultancy firms and specialised media.

Register online here.

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