Rotech Rural make Post and Rail Fencing simple with a strong build

Local family-owned fencing business Rotech Rural has released its RailTight range with an extra strong screw on end bracket to boost post and rail fencing strength

Everything you need for the strongest post and rail fence system released to date RailTight comes delivered in a flat pack from the market leaders Rotech Rural

Rotech Rural has been developing rural fencing solutions for more than 20 years and remains committed to improving products for farmers and rural contractors by making farm fencing easier.

Established in 1998 and based at Armidale in northern New South Wales, Rotech Rural supplies quality rural fencing hardware to hundreds of Rural stockists across the country.

This family-owned business has also established a branch in Ballarat VIC and Tasmania to better service distributors and end-users Australia-wide.

Well-known for the patented StayTight End Assembly system and extensive range of hinges, latches, and other gate hardware, Rotech Rural has recently developed an innovative galvanised post and rail fence range called RailTight.

The RailTight system was developed in response to feedback from farmers and fencing contractors.

Previously, no one offered farmers and contractors a complete ready-to-install fencing system using standard galvanised posts and cattle rail that didn’t require extensive onsite fabrication.

Even though flat-packed residential and industrial fencing has been available for years, no one had put together a galvanised rural post and rail system that enabled customers to easily quote online and install in a safe, labour-efficient way.

And that’s what RailTight is, a simple and affordable option to provide exactly what’s needed, ready to install.

The RailTight product is available in three different formats. End Brackets on their own, complete entry kits, or in a custom post and rail fence kit.

As the end brackets have a unique cut out, allowing for a 40-degree adjustment, the system can be used anywhere on the farm regardless of slopes.

A big advantage is that anyone can submit a quote request online to receive an entry kit or post and rail fence kit. These come flat-packed with exactly what’s needed to complete the project from the posts to the screws.

The simple installation process can easily halve the onsite fabrication costs, enabling farmers and contractors to work more efficiently and effectively, saving a significant amount of money.

Steel post and rail are getting more popular, and RailTight gives you an opportunity to take your farm entry and laneways to the next level with ease.

RailTight is an innovative, simple product that customers can install without specialised skills or expensive machinery. Rotech Rural have also thought beyond installation, ensuring their post and rail fence is manufactured to stand the test of time.

There is nothing worse than a post and rail fence with welds that have begun to rust only a few months later. The RailTight system provides a no-weld, fully hot-dipped galvanized alternative, that will maintain a professional, clean look year after year.

Not to mention, welding is a high-risk fire activity and should be suitably avoided in the open over the summer whenever possible.

Understanding that no fence is fully immune to damage from falling trees or misguided stock and machinery, Rotech Rural has also ensured that the RailTight product can be repaired in around 10 minutes.

Delivered in a handy flat pack for any destination Australia-wide the Rotech Rural RailTight post and rail fence system can be self-installed or by a licensed Rotech Rural contractor

Post and Rail farm fencing is sorted with a RailTight entry or post and rail fence kit.

These come conveniently flat-packed with everything you need to complete the project from the posts to the screws.

Get an instant Online quote here and find your local stockist here. For more information about the full product range, see Rotech Rural here.

See this short video here to see how easy it is to work with the Rotech Rural RailTight post and rail fence kit.

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