Russian plot uncovered

Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU) has uncovered a plot between the top managers of Ukraine’s largest tractor plant in Kharkiv (XTZ) and the plant’s Russian owners, who ordered a foundry shop’s equipment and unique blueprints be taken to Russia, according to the SBU’s press service. Source: Ukraine Today

“The plant’s director general who was appointed in March 2016 has already conducted preparations for dismantling, as was ordered by Kharkiv tractor plant’s Russian owners, for further withdrawal of the equipment of the foundry shop to Russia. Technical documents and blueprints of the plant’s produce have also been prepared for shipment abroad,” the SBU said.

“After the SBU did its job, the plant’s property was seized and its account was frozen, which prevented the loss of production machinery, unique blueprints and the dismissal of almost a thousand highly qualified workers,” the SBU said.

The plant’s director general is suspected of a crime under Part 1 of Article 14 and Article 113 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and is wanted by police.

Kharkiv tractor plant manufactures wheeled and tracked tractors, plough equipment and small-capacity tractors. It markets tractors in Europe, the Americas and Australia, as well as in Asian and African countries.