Grab the hay rake you always wanted in stock now for immediate delivery and at a great price

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This price may never be repeated so get in while stocks last and you can also claim the full purchase amount (for eligible purchases) under the Instant Asset Tax Write-off scheme, soon to end

In stock now and ready to deliver is the best made rake available this season and better still it’s Aussie made to perfection
Here are the best buys this season on new hay rakes and a point worth noting is that they are all Australian made and proven over the past three decades as the best rakes available. But be quick as once current floor stock is sold, the listed prices end and go up again.

Schinckel Hayrakes jumped ahead of every other hay rake model in the world when it revealed its Next F Series V-Rake at the 2018 Henty Machine of the Year Award.

Schinckel went on to win the Henty MFD Award with the judges noting it to be the strongest and best designed hay rake ever manufactured in Australia. In addition, the Next F Series V-Rake also impressed judges with its simplicity, ease of operation and price competitiveness.

The Schinckel V-rake was well ahead in its design, fitted with self-opening wings to reduce heavy lifting by the operator, with the telescopic arms fitted to the raking arms and the main beam.

The required raking width can be pre-set. There are nine different pre-set raking positions, ranging from 4.2 to 9.1 metres wide for V raking.

Over the past three seasons Schinckel V-rakes have captured the attention of high-capacity operators selling hay into the export market and specialist local hay suppliers that want to provide a premium product to livestock producers.

Schinckel Hayrakes is in the unique position to be able to offer some select models for delivery now. First to call will be able to secure one of these special models, and at a price that is a bargain for such quality and performance.

8 Reel Opener Series – from $27,150.00 + GST

With the Schinckel Opener rake it allows growers to get the crop off the ground quicker and at better quality. It is mounted to the front of the tractor and is a model that has simplified hay raking while improving the crop quality.

When used in combination with any type of rear rake (V, Rotary or Roller bar) the front-mounted rake pushes the crop away from the path of the tractor as the rear rake regathers it together into a single row.

This way the tractor avoids running over and damaging the crop while the front-rear rake combination creates a perfect windrow.

Simon Schinckel says his Opener Series rake has been run in many different conditions, and it works every time.

“Opener series rakes have been used on crops that have been tedded, hay has been cut with disc mowers and left out in a flat swath, mower-conditioner rows, and in situations where there is lots of regrowth.

“The Opener rake works effectively in all of these situations. It can be also used to turn two wet rows of hay at the same time, Simon added.


See the video link showing the Schinckel 8 reel Opener series in action on this link.

14 Reel Low Profile V Farm Series from $26,950.00 + GST

Built strong to last, this 14 Reel Low Profile V Farm Series rake will cover 6m in every pass and moves around the paddock quickly at only a 1700kg working weight.

16 and 18 Reel V Rakes from $31,050.00 +GST

These current models 16 and 18 Reel V rakes are ready to be thrown into heavy raking duty. Operators can quickly cover a 9 and 10m working width and in heavy conditions with these two models respectively.

For more specialist operations these models can be upgraded with rear steering, have 2 Reel Splitters either Hydraulic or Manual added, be equipped with dual castors and windshields. These models are well proven and built to withstand knocks at a 2500 and 2800kg working weight respectively.

Available for delivery now at a very attractive price.

15 Reel In line Hayrake from $31,000.00 + GST

This rake simply has everything you will need with a working width of 7.4m (24.6ft). In addition there is hydraulic lift and hydraulic rear steering as standard.

Built to move across the paddock quickly at a working weight of 1700kg. See the video link here showing the Schinckel In-Line rake in action. These models are available for immediate delivery and will not last.

For further information please call Simon direct to secure your order, on 0428 838 524.