Sentek releases Nexus Blue for automatic monitoring of BT probes

Growers are quickly latching onto the time savings from applying this latest Nexus Blue logger connectivity to monitor Bluetooth probes

Sentek has developed Nexus Blue as an automated information gathering system that wirelessly connects to an unlimited number of Bluetooth probes and allows data to be stored

Since their release in 2019 Bluetooth (BT) probes have been a game changer in growing regions where there has been limited or even no connectivity to a cellular network.

The BT probes have armed growers and researchers with the data they need to solve any contentious soil data monitoring issues.

And while BT probes have been embraced by growers, there has always been the niggling time-consuming fact they required manual download of the collected data regularly. Every 3 to 4 weeks, otherwise there is the risk the probes will overwrite existing data records. 

Following feedback and requests from growers to fully automate the record-keeping process without the need for a physical visit to each probe, has led Sentek to the release of Nexus Blue.

The Nexus Blue automated information gathering system is a cable-free data logger that wirelessly connects to an unlimited number of Bluetooth probes within a 10-metre range.

This product has been developed to fulfil all the requirements requested by growers and as such it demonstrates Sentek’s commitment to give its valued clients what they are asking for.

This diagram illustrates how Nexus Blue can connect an unlimited number of BT probes within a scannable 5 to 20-metre range subject to canopy density

Nexus Blue capabilities

An unlimited number of BT probes can connect to Nexus Blue within a scannable 5 to 20 metre range, subject to canopy density, and then enable the upload of the data into an irriMAX Account for processing.

Positioning the probes
  • One data sim card required, instead of multiple sim cards per probe sites.
  • Solar charger and rechargeable Battery.
  • Long life Lithium rechargeable battery lasts 5 to 6 years.
  • Shipping mode function, enabling the Lithium battery for international transportation without limitation.
  • Sentek Modem inside capable of connection to 2/3/4G and CatM1 networks globally.
  • Wireless connection between probes and the data logger (Nexus Blue).
  • Apps in Android & IOS.
  • IP68 housing (waterproof).
  • Capable of remote firmware updates.
  • Simplistic & User-friendly Apps

Better yet, is that all previously purchased BT probes can be fully automated via Nexus Blue.

To achieve this connectivity, you only need to update your BT probe firmware via the App and be within the range of a Nexus Blue data logger.

Simply upload the Nexus Blue collected data into an irriMAX Account for storage and processing

Multiple applications

BT probes and Nexus Blue can be used in any cropping and monitoring scenarios, with the only except, flood irrigation.

Nexus Blue is ideal to be used in horticulture production and research trials, where there are multiple probes installed within close proximity.

Sentek has been a trusted Aussie brand since 1991 (34 years) in soil data monitoring and currently supplies equipment to over 80 countries globally.

For more details and information on how Nexus Blue can be applied to your operation, see more on this link, or reach out to your local authorised Sentek distributor here.

Or contact the Sentek team direct, on tel: 08 8366 1900 or email: