Serafin release Baldan and Tatu deep rippers for the first time


Serafin has observed how the demand locally for deep rippers has increased dramatically over the past few years, especially following the outstanding results achieved from several trails throughout WA, VIC and NSW.

These trails have detailed impressive increases in yields, proven from applying deep rippers to hard pan or nutrient depleted soil.

Following numerous customer requests, Serafin has set out to supply the increasing demand for a range of good quality deep rippers that are also affordable.

Considering a ripper isn’t an implement that every farm will have to use each season, on a large scale at least, some farmers have found it hard to justify purchasing a new deep ripper.

Serafin Machinery has identified a way to make a deep ripper purchase more affordable by introducing Baldan and Tatu’s range of deep rippers to local growers.

These brands tick all the boxes on farmers request lists. They are built strong, have shown their durability in hard ground and they offer excellent value for money.

And in addition, these are not the only attributes these models offer.

Baldan trailing deep rippers – shown here with rear crumble rollers – can work across 1.8 to 4.8m (6 to 16ft) with from 5 and up to 13 shanks in a configuration to suit most operations. Maximum working depth is 450mm (18-inches)

Both Baldan and Tatu deep rippers have a specially designed automatic trip reset function that does away with a traditional shear pin design.

With this leading design, when a shank hits something unmoveable such as a stump or large rock, the trip breaks out backwards, avoiding a costly breakage that will also lead to unnecessary downtime.

With the automatic trip reset function, the shank will still be intact even after a shattering hit that would destroy every shear pin in the vicinity on a standard design.

The automatic trip shank can be reset by simply lifting the machine out of the ground. This allows the shank to reset back into its correct working position.

With Baldan and Tatu deep rippers there is no more stopping and replacing a shear pin, which is slow and an unproductive exercise.

The level of breakout is also easily adjustable, and can be managed depending on how severe the working conditions are in the paddock.

Other design advantages these Baldan and Tatu deep rippers offer is through their unique design angle of the shanks.

This design offers an aggressive contour that makes the shank pull into the ground deeper but without the need for any massive additional weight.

This is why Baldan and Tatu deep rippers can be offered at affordable prices and still achieve penetration at maximum depths of 450mm (18-inches).

Options on these models include rear crumble rollers with greaseable or oil bath bearings.

There is adjustable down pressure, and front pivoting single coulters for cutting through trash such as wireweed.

Models range in configurations from 5 to 25 shanks that offer working widths from 2 to 10m (6.5 to 33ft).

So there is a model to suit most operations.

Serafin Machinery has some fantastic end of year deals and a large range of machines in stock, ready to deliver.

For more model information contact Serafin machinery on 1300 737 586 or see the full range on the web at: