Silvan 300 litre lightfoot vineboom can be towed by small utility vehicles

Silvan’s Lightfoot Vineboom is the ideal compact multi-spray unit for vineyards, horticulture and tree crop applications with narrow row widths – and you don’t even need a tractor to run this 300-litre Polytuff tank sprayer

Silvan Australia has responded to requests from small vineyard owners with the release of the 300 litre motorised Lightfoot Vineboom sprayer.

The unit offers a 300 litre capacity Polytuff tank mounted on a mud puppy pneumatic tyred axle assembly that gives good in paddock stability.

The spraying power is provided by a Honda GX100 engine coupled to a MC/20/30 pressure pump to deliver a maximum of 18.5-litres/min open flow at a pressure of 20-bar, or 290psi.

The standard spray assembly is a galvanized steel boom fitted on each side with a spray bar of five adjustable nozzles that give a fine misting spray. Each nozzle also has the ability to be individually shut off.

The boom height and width is also easily adjustable as is the angle of the spray bars so that issues like foliage shape and coverage or penetration can be individually met.

Silvan Australia’s spraying specialist Gavin Wheatcroft says that the design of the 300-litre capacity Silvan Lightfoot Vine Boom is in response to customer feedback.

“Firstly we found that a lot of these types of operations do not own a tractor and they wanted a spray application solution that could be comfortably and safely towed behind the popular single or dual seated side by side utility vehicles.

“A number of additional features that enhance the efficiency of the Lightfoot Vineboom sprayer include a filler lid for the Polytuff spray tank with a basket strainer with an easy to reach filter at the tank outlet.

“Plus, there is an optional 400 mmm extendable drawbar that can increase the end of row or turning flexibility when towed behind a utility vehicle.

“Silvan has released the 300-litre Lightfoot Vineboom Sprayer at an introductory price of $4,990 with national distribution through our Australia-wide dealer network” Gavin says.

For more information call Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email for dealer contact details or product information.