SmartTouch at Valtra

Valtra has introduced the new SmartTouch armrest featuring fully integrated technology, which is now available on Valtra tractors from 135 to 405 horsepower with Versu powershift and Direct/CVT transmissions. Source: AFDJ eNews

SmartTouch won the Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

Valtra’s latest technological offering is part of AGCO’s Fuse strategy, which focuses on delivering competitive Fuse Technologies hardware, software and Fuse Connected Services for all AGCO brands.

SmartTouch features a new user interface that allows the operator to access all functions in as little as two menu levels and to monitor easily the vehicle status and functions.

Valtra’s other precision farming technology offerings include new Auto-Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control, Variable Rate Control and Task Management.

Customers can now benefit from precision farming technologies that are fully integrated with Valtra tractors and the new SmartTouch user interface.

“This is an important step in terms of our technological offerings. Now for the first the whole operating solution is in a very easyto- use and consistent interface. Our goal is to make users feel comfortable with technology and encourage them to make the most of the fast developing precision farming benefits.

At the same time we are growing our connected tractor business and using more IOT. We believe that our solutions make precision farming technology available in a new and more user friendly way that will benefit all farmers,” Mikko Lehikoinen, Marketing Director of Valtra said.

The new Auto-Guide offers the choice of two different receivers that work via AGCO’s steering interface to the tractor. Now everything is fully integrated with the tractor.

Valtra’s SmartTouch terminal also serves as the Auto-Guide terminal.

Customers can order from the factory up to 2cm accuracy packages. Basic sub-metre accuracy systems can be upgraded easily to higher precision by using unlock codes available from AGCO Parts without changing any hardware.

SmartTouch works seamlessly as an ISOBUS terminal.

ISOBUS is the key to advanced implement control, as well as to precision farming solutions like Section Control or Variable Rate Control. The integration of ISOBUS features with the new SmartTouch demonstrates AGCO’s strong commitment to open industry standards.

Full integration makes it easy to upload field data and work related information, including ISOBUS implement data based on precise location.

TaskDoc and TaskDoc Pro are optional features for SmartTouch that make this possible with no need for any additional terminals. This reduces both complexity and costs.

They work with wireless communication (Bluetooth or GSM) between Tractor and Farm Management software (FMIS).

Farm managers can plan their work offline and send it to the SmartTouch terminal. While working in the field, the documentation is automatically updated.

Valtra offers one of the most user-friendly section controls in the market.

Section control uses GNSS positioning and minimises overlaps and gaps in application work. It works with all compatible ISOBUS implements.

The plug-and-play connection with the implement makes it very user friendly.

Variable Rate Control uses task management as a predefined prescription map is transferred to the tractor and the system gives each place the planned amount of input (e.g. fertilized land).