Soil practitioner accreditation sets growers on the right path

A new accreditation system has been developed to ensure consultants have achieved a thorough training and workforce experience

Getting the correct advice on soil management becomes clearer with a new accreditation system to become a Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP)

An accreditation system has been developed for farmers and land managers to have confidence in a soil practitioner’s knowledge following a new $1 million fund set up by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

The Registered Soil Practitioner (RSP) accreditation system, has been developed by Soil Science Australia in collaboration with soil scientists, industry, government and land and natural resource managers, and is now open for applications that want to be qualified.

The RSP accreditation recognises the expertise of soil practitioners like agronomists, national resource management (Landcare) officers, consultants and others working in the soil space.

The ultimate aim is for farmers and land managers to have confidence the consultant they have engaged has the competence, ability and integrity to complete the work at the required level of accuracy.

The department’s First Assistant Secretary of Sustainability, Climate and Strategy Division, Nick Blong, said the accreditation would help soil professionals enhance and standardise their expertise across Australia.

“RSP accreditation can be achieved through training, mentoring, workforce experience or recognition for prior learning,” he said.

“For those working in soil-related industries, the accreditation will build knowledge, enhance career pathways, and ensure professionals can provide practical and scientifically valid advice to farmers and other land managers.

“It helps address a gap in accreditation and training between university-educated soil scientists and those who have developed their soil expertise through practical, hands-on knowledge of soil.”

The development and implementation of the accreditation is funded over two financial years (2021-22 to 2022-23). It is part of the National Soil Strategy and National Soil Action Plan.

For more information and to find out how to become a Registered Soil Practitioner, take a look at this link.

What a Registered Soil Practitioner can achieve