Stage V Regs FAQ brochure released

With the Stage V Regulation in place and the Delegated Acts officially published, CEMA has released a brochure of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Brochure on Regulation 2016/1628.

This brochure has been jointly elaborated with six machine manufacturer sister associations (CECE, FEM, EGMF, EUnited, Euromot, Europgen).

The brochure is available online at:

What is the document about?

  • 101 questions & answers on all aspects of the Regulation (e.g. transition scheme, replacement engines)
  • Guidance for manufacturers to interpret the new rules.

The purpose of this frequently asked questions (hereinafter ‘FAQ’) document is to contribute to a clear understanding of the Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 (hereafter referred to as ‘the regulation’) and the relevant supplementing legislation:

  1. a) Commission Delegated Regulation (EU)2017/654 with regard to technical and general requirements relating to emission limits and type-approval for internal combustion engines

for non-road mobile machinery

  1. b) Commission Delegated Regulation (EU)2017/655 on monitoring of gaseous pollutant emissions from in-service combustion engines installed in non-road mobile machinery
  2. c) Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)2017/656 on administrative requirements relating to emission limits and type-approval for internal combustion engines for nonroad mobile machinery.

This regulation:

  • concerns emission limits and type approval procedures for engines installed or intended to be installed in non-road mobile machinery
  • it is also applicable to non-road mobile machinery where these engines are fitted
  • entered into force on 6 October 2016 and is applicable from 1 January 2017

This FAQ:

  • is intended to provide answers to key questions that are likely to be asked by users of the regulations, focusing especially on relevant provisions and obligations for the machine manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer (OEM)), importers and distributors
  • does not cover the type-approval of the engine.

For tractors, and narrow tractors, certain provisions are different therefore, CEMA is in the process of creating another dedicated FAQ Brochure explaining the Regulation’s impact on tractors.

This new brochure is scheduled to be published before the end of the year.