Sustainable irrigation pumping solutions

Variable frequency drives and solar pumps from Franklin Electric can optimise both water and energy use for irrigators.

With optimising water and energy use critical concerns for irrigators, innovations in pumping technology are welcome developments in the sector.

Increasing adoption is also bringing prices down, allowing more operations to access technologies like variable frequency drives (VFDs) and solar pumps.

Franklin Electric is one of the leading suppliers in this area and its DrivE-Tech line of VFDs and Fhoton SolarPAK and SubDrive SolarPAK solar pumps are proving increasingly popular.

Ensuring an irrigation system has been designed to meet the water requirements for the specific crop and field is important to optimising irrigation efficiency. VFDs are a key technology that allows irrigators to achieve this.

VFDs can be programmed so that pumps are automatically adjusted to suit conditions, ensuring more water than necessary is not being delivered, and the pump is running at its best efficiency point (BEP) to meet the speed and flow rates for different irrigation zones.

The DrivE-Tech line of VFDs (DrivE-Tech Solar for solar pumps) was developed to optimise, control and protect pumping systems. These units are compatible with different types of pumps and can be used for both water supply and irrigation applications. They are suitable to operate most new or existing systems up to 15kW.

Irrigators looking to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions are turning to solar pumps to meet those needs.

Franklin Electric’s Fhoton SolarPAK and SubDrive SolarPAK are on the cutting edge of design and innovation, and have been optimised to provide the most water for the least amount of energy possible, making them energy efficient and cost effective.

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