Taege to set up a wider distribution network

Taege will be offering their well proven Air drill seeders with working widths up to 6 metres (20ft)

Taege Engineering out of New Zealand is set to vibrate more tines in our local market.

Applications for a company to become the head importer into Australia are now being sought.

While previously handled by Giltrap in Australia, Taege is now seeking to set-up a larger distribution and dealer network to ensure its complete product is available throughout Oz, all with a healthy back-up from existing dealers as well as new area appointments now underway.

Already well known to New Zealand, since 1923, Taege offers an expansive range of innovative machinery solutions demanded by farmers and contractors. These include Seed Drills, Tyre Rollers, Cultivators and other associated planting equipment.

“TILTH GROWS SEED” is the platform from which Taege’s patented vibrating tine and tungsten faced tip originates. This well proven design has enabled them to be market leaders for ground engaging machines in the agricultural sector.

Taege’s take pride in manufacturing to a high-quality level (all frames are galvanised) and has a Seed drill range that includes Direct drills available in 1.4 to 6 metre working widths, with 121mm spacings.

Standard box drills span 1.4 to 3.6 metres.

Air Drills ideal for seeding on hilly ground offer wider options, spanning 3 to 6 metres.

Standard on all models is Taege’s computerised sponge metering system that provides fast and accurate calibration without the risk of damage to seed. These are the simplest most accurate drills on the market to calibrate, and span sowing rates from 500-grams to 400kg per hectare.

Taege’s cultivation range is available as standard in 3, 3.6 and 6m widths. With the option to also custom build

As with all Taege folding plant (4.8 and 6m) the slots in the wing ram mounts, determine contour (gullwing) following while the hydraulic lift on each leg provides easy depth control via snap on ram spacers.

Meanwhile in the Taege cultivator range, the 6m (20ft) model with 49 tines and 121mm spacing is the most popular, with wider custom build options also available.

Taege’s product range will have a big future on our local farms and the dealer and distributor opportunities currently being offered will expand the range into more regions in Australia than ever before.

For importer and dealer opportunities, or product availability in your region contact Trevor Goodeve: email trevor@taege.com or sales@taege.com