Robotic weeder takes over from herbicides

Carre Anatis robot weeder

Mechanical weeders fell out of use when targeted herbicides arrived, but with the build-up of undesirable ground chemicals, the robots are set to make a comeback. Mechanical weeding has obvious appeal for organic farmers, they deliver a safer weed control method. But in addition, as herbicides are becoming less effective, mainstream growers are also looking […]

Honda has unveiled Miimo its first robotic lawn mower

15 Honda-Miimo-Height-Adjust

Miimo uses a microcomputer, timer and sensors to provide automated, unattended grass cutting. Honda’s battery-powered robotic mower delivers quiet operation, recharges quickly, and offers three different programed cutting patterns. Miimo is available in two models: the HRM 310 and HRM 520. Both models operate within a boundary wire — installed by Honda Power Equipment dealers, […]

Robotics Centre to revolutionise Australian horticulture

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, opened Australia’s first horticultural robotics learning and development hub at the University of Sydney. Source: AFDJ eNews Located within the University’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), Senator Ruston said the Horticulture Innovation Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (HICRIS) would become a hub for […]

MARS – a swarm of robots

With the MARS research project AGCO/Fendt has developed small robot units that with the assistance of a cloud-based solution, can be controlled independent of location during sowing operations. Source: AFDJ eNews The research project MARS (Mobile Agricultural Robot Swarms), studies satellite supported sowing of maize by field robots. Sowing operations can be planned and monitored at any time […]

SwarmFarm Robotics

A world-first robot designed to work with others to spray crops in swarms, and ultimately help to fill the rural labour shortage, has been launched in central Queensland.  Source: ABC News Former Queensland premier Campbell Newman, who joined SwarmFarm Robotics following last year’s election loss, attended the launch at a farm in Emerald, along with 300 people. The autonomous […]

Prototype robot for farm work

Researchers at Massey University in New Zealand have invented a prototype robot designed to perform several different tasks on farms, orchards and vineyards. Source: Radio New Zealand The robot’s design was a collaboration between Massey’s School of Engineering and Advanced Technology and the Centre for Precision Agriculture. A project leader, Professor Ian Yule, said the idea was to […]

Robots in the cow shed

Today, Lely calculates that more than a million cows around the world are milked unassisted by Astronaut robots and many more are similarly milked by systems from DeLaval, Fullwood, GEA and SAC of Denmark. Source: Farmers Weekly UK These manufacturers anticipate that by 2025, half of all dairy cows in north-west Europe will be milked by robotic […]