Freshwater plant and algae with methane-reducing ability for livestock feed

Methane reducing properties of red seaweed has prompted a research team led by Deakin University to examine freshwater stock feed alternatives A mix of algae scooped out of a Victorian waterway and a species of amphibious grass plucked from a stream have both been found to reduce methane production by up to 24%. The discovery […]

Farm Safety Week spotlights safer use of farm plant and equipment

While farm safety week highlights the dangers and pitfalls to watch out for farm operations need to heed safety all throughout the year Riverina grain grower Roy Hamilton understands the challenges that come with working on-farm, the veteran grower has known some ‘near misses’ in his time and is an outspoken advocate for farm safety. […]

National research program promising $2 million to scale up Sesame production

AgriFutures Australia says it will invest $2 million into a new five-year national program of research to scale-up production of sesame as a high-value crop for growers AgriFutures Australia points out that the rapidly growing global market of Sesame is predicted to hit $26 billion by 2025, and all of the Sesame consumed in Australia […]

AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award National finalists revealed for 2023

The role of women in agriculture is highlighted with the selection of seven national finalists from respective states and territories across the country Seven remarkable women have been recognised for their contribution to Australia’s rural and emerging industries, businesses and communities by being named national finalists of the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.
 The seven […]

Agriculture career opportunities boosted by a $1.3 million grant to AgriFutures Australia

The Federal Government is providing $1.3 million towards new research that aims to bolster agriculture’s capacity to attract and retain workers. The research is to be undertaken by AgriFutures Australia and is expected to support agricultural employers and businesses to better target recruitment and retention of workers. Challenging outdated perceptions of modern agricultural work is critical […]