AUSVEG wants to see carrots broccoli and potatoes on the menu this holiday season

Industry body AUSVEG is urging Aussie consumers to support their local vegetable growers this festive season and buy plenty of high-quality fresh vegetables over the holiday period, including for their Christmas meals and their holiday BBQs. A wide variety of fresh, delicious vegetables will be available at all major retailers, independent grocers and markets this […]

Horticulture on the rise with a Farmgate value of over $4.8 billion

Did you know that in the last year our hard-working vegetable producers grew enough potatoes to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground and enough carrots to fill more than 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools. AUSVEG, the peak industry body for vegetable and potato growers, is working to inform the public on the local vegetable and potato industries, […]

AUSVEG highlights how to grow a career in horticulture with a diverse range of jobs

For students leaving school and anyone else for that matter the peak industry body for vegetable and potato growers has launched a series of videos highlighting careers in the horticulture industry The release of the videos coincides with National Agriculture Day, with the agriculture industry this year celebrating the many career opportunities in agriculture and […]

Vegetable growers get access to supercharged $14.1 million program

The next generation of a national extension program for vegetable growers aims to boost productivity and deliver the latest research to all farms The $14.1M VegNET 3.0 program promises to get all growers on-track to increased yields following its instigation into several grower ragions. The program is being delivered through Hort Innovation using vegetable industry levies and […]

AUSVEG says fruit and vegetable growers set to benefit from Agriculture Visa

AUSVEG, the peak industry body for vegetable and potato growers, has welcomed the signing of legislation by the Governor General for the Australian Agriculture Visa, which is a key piece to solving the horticulture industry’s labour puzzle for the future. As outlined in the regulations that were introduced, the Australian Agriculture Visa will be a […]

Extension of quarantine pathway provides some relief for horticulture producers

AUSVEG, the peak industry body for vegetable and potato growers, welcomes the long-awaited announcement that the Victorian Government will extend the quarantine pathway with Tasmania to allow up to 1,500 workers from the Pacific Islands as part of the Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labour Scheme, though believes that growers must be given more certainty […]

Call for urgent action to allow Pacific Islander workers to top up local labour shortage

AUSVEG VIC, Victoria’s peak industry body for vegetable and potato growers, is calling for the urgent extension of the quarantining arrangement between Victoria and Tasmania to allow workers from the Pacific Islands to perform essential work on Victorian farms. The quarantining pathway arrangement, which was announced in January 2021 and capped at 1,500 workers, has […]

Ag Visa will allow workers to enter from 10 countries across South east Asia

AUSVEG, the peak industry body for the Australian vegetable industry, has welcomed the announcement that the Federal Government will make a new agriculture work visa available to all 10 countries across South-East Asia. The new visa would provide a wider pool of workers available to Australian agriculture from the UK and the ten ASEAN countries […]

AUSVEG announces Michael Coote as its Chief Executive Officer

Australian vegetable industry body AUSVEG has announced the appointment of Michael Coote as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 1 July 2021. Michael Coote has been a key member of the AUSVEG Leadership Team, having held the role of AUSVEG National Manager – Export Development since 2014. He has led and transformed the industry’s […]