CropScanAg release the N-GAUGE grain logistics app to manage grain quality

N-GUAGE grain app is an ideal supplement for any on-farm grain handling and storage as it allows growers access to a virtual grain storage system Next Instruments, trading as CropScanAg, has partnered with CropScanAg Solutions, to develop a mobile App called N-GAUGE. N-GAUGE delivers a valuable suite of services and products to growers using the […]

CropScanAg becomes new trading name for Next Instruments Pty Ltd

Look for the CropscanAg name when searching for a quality grain analyser as it’s the new name for marketing the CropScan suite of products Next Instruments Pty Ltd manufacturers a range analysers and instruments for the agriculture and food industries and over the past five years, the company has grown significantly through the sales and […]

CropScanAg Solutions show the way to close the Yield Gap

Closing the Yield Gap between the Yield Potential and the Actual Yield can be achieved by changing the way Nitrogen fertilizer is applied across most farms According to GRDC and CSIRO data (Yield Gap Australia, the average Yield across Australian grain farms is 1.7t/ha, whereas the Yield Potential is 3.4t/ha. Local farmers are leaving […]