Countrywide Industries 6m Wombat deep ripper on a mission

The Wombat deep ripper works 11 or 13 tines across 6-metres and with its study frame and 8 tonnes breakout shear pins it is able to renovate the hardest pans The Wombat deep ripper was released in time for growers to prepare their ground for the 2020-21 season and it was a great success. Following […]

Serafin offer Baldan and Tatu deep rippers for hard pans

Serafin Machinery has made buying a deep ripper more affordable by introducing Baldan and Tatu’s range of deep rippers to local growers Serafin has moved to supply the increasing demand for a range of good quality deep rippers that are also affordable. And when you considering a ripper isn’t something that every grower will have […]

Depth Charge deep ripper win fans in WA’s Wheatbelt

The Depth Charger deep ripper from West Australian company Rocks Gone has seen grain growers lining up to place an order at recent live demonstrations. After a hearty reception in the far west, the firm is now heading to South Australia with the hydraulic roller-integrated unit, the latest invention by founder Tim Pannell. The Depth […]