Growers given more reasons to own a drone for remote crop monitoring

A sensor system developed for drones can switch between edge detection and detailed infrared imaging to tell growers everything they need Development is well underway to fit a compact, lightweight sensor system with infrared imaging capabilities to a drone for remote crop monitoring and help growers get an overall better view of their crop’s progress. […]

Guardian drone first to begin large scale on-farm operations

Guardian Agriculture applies its SC1 drone to become the first eVTOL authorised to operate on farms in US airspace For many, they are looking at a drone, but the farm industry has determined these flying creatures will now be termed electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) systems. Part of an estimated global commercial agriculture segment […]

Drone capabilities in farming shine at CDU Katherine Open Day

Remote regions of the Northern Territory are proving ideal for visual drone activity to cover a wide sparse of ground quickly The sky was the limit at the Crossroads of the North where Charles Darwin University (CDU) demonstrated its burgeoning capabilities in drone education, training and research at the CDU Katherine Rural Campus Open Day. […]

DJI AGRAS T40 is the aerial solution for precise and safe spraying

DJI the world leader in drone technology has extended its reach further with a bigger and better spraying drone the AGRAS T40 and it’s available now DJI has extended its lead in the spraying drone market with the release of the AGRAS T40 which is capable of carrying 40 litres of liquid or up to […]

Rise of the Drones as latest model releases reduce costs

We talk to a veteran drone operator contractor that has been there from the very start to see where the latest technology is heading If you want to know something about a start-up industry, go to the operator that has lived and breathed the pitfalls and triumphs from the very beginning. We did just that […]

DJI drones on the rise for farm applications

Smart drones lower precision agriculture costs for Aussie farmers as latest release models increase product capacity Aerial drone technology is set to change the way we farm and is already returning real time benefits to growers in the $45 billion a year crop production industry by delivering a cost-effective way to add precise water and […]

Are you clear for takeoff? It’s drone registration time

Farmers who are still flying unregistered drones risk fines of up to $11,000. As of January 28 drones must be registered as part of federal legislation to increase the regulatory safety and operating framework around Australia’s booming unmanned aircraft sector. While farmers who operate drones up to 25 kilograms over their own land (including leased […]

Drone mania reaches fever pitch and bursts while mark II rises from the ashes

The most unforgiving Christmas present for 2017 will undoubtedly be a drone. Once unwrapped and put into use many farmers will realise they simply don’t have the time or patience to operate one of these time consuming farm invaders and as far as processing the data gathered – just have a Bex and a good […]

Ruralco alliance with PrecisionHawk

One of the world’s biggest providers of commercial drones and drone data platforms wants to help change Australian regulations so farmers can fly drones over bigger distances on rural properties and capture a wider range of data to cuts costs and lift yields as part of an alliance with farm services group Ruralco. Source: The […]