Murray is the new name for all Australian made fencing

Being both Australian made and 100% Australian owned and operated is the right mix for Aussie manufacturing – and Murray gives us that winning combination in fencing The need to grow local manufacturing has never been stronger than it is today. And right behind that push is our very own home-grown and successful Whites Group. […]

Whites Rural is Australian owned and operated and manufactured here as well

Whites Rural has always been a proud Australian brand and has remained 100% Australian owned and operated since it started out over 70 years ago The company became very important to farmers in 1977 when Whites opened up a fencing division and began supplying droppers, wire  and end assemblies. During that time Whites Rural has […]

Stockboss steel fencing posts can stand up to corrosive soils

Experienced fencers use the term difficult soils to describe acidic, saline and alkaline elements that can corrode steel posts at a quick rate – but that’s no longer the case if you use Stockboss Steel posts that last for decades are often rapidly reduced to rust below the ground and at ground level due to […]

Munro post drivers and wire fence time savers

Leading Australian fencing machinery manufacturer, Munro Engineers, is celebrating over half a century of manufacturing its revolutionary posthole driver. Having started in the 1800’s Munro has moved from tobacco presses, chaff cutters and conveyors into Post Drivers and Wire Winders. Munro first launched their revolutionary post driver in 1964. A world first, Munro combined a […]