Crusader Hose is now the leading local maker of layflat hose with Flexidrag

Flexidrag makes the job of selecting a flexible layflat hose much easier as it’s the Australian made market leader that every irrigator wants Reliability and ease of handling are the two key qualities farmers require most for water management. Whether it’s hose for irrigating crops or for bore water pumping, Crusader Hose manufactures a world-standard […]

Flexidrag® an Australian Made quality hose for irrigation you can trust

Crusader Hose has invested heavily in technology and factory upgrades to supply a world-class irrigation hose that stands up to the rigours of our local conditions With over 30 years experience manufacturing layflat for irrigation, Crusader Hose has found that reliability and ease of handling are the two key qualities farmers require most of a […]

Crusader Hose has Flexidrag hose ready for immediate dispatch

Plan your next crop with Flexidrag® and order now to ensure delivery from Crusader Hose The strong performance by farmers during the 2021-22 season to deliver a record $81 billion of value from grain crops and livestock has prompted many farm operations to add additional cropping ground for season 2022-23. Overall, agribusiness promises to continue […]

Flexidrag® is now the premium drag hose for your broadacre irrigation

The fact that Flexidrag® irrigation hose is Australian made is part of the reason this brand is being propelled as the new force in irrigation Now enjoying its second Spring season, Crusader Hose is dedicated to helping Australian and New Zealand farmers get the most efficient use from their travelling, boom and lateral irrigators with […]