GME XRS-660 handheld UHF CB radio is a must have for every farm hand

The XRS range of UHF CB radios was already the most popular for farms and with the release of the XRS-660 more functions have been added Most farm operations were already pleased with the advantages of the GME range of handheld UHF CB radios offered, especially as a safety precaution by issuing a unit to […]

GME adds a safety aspect with wireless push-to-talk UHF CB radio accessory

With the release of the first of its kind wireless module to connect a UHF CB radioto Bluetooth® GME adds safe hands free access Australia’s leading communication and safety brand, GME, has successfully launched a wireless push-to-talk UHF CB radio accessory, the XRS-BT1. The all-new XRS-BT1 is the latest addition to GME’s extensive range of […]

GME Drought Breakers lend a helping hand

We have witnessed some of the most selfless acts of kindness extended to battling Aussie farmers who are down on their knees trying to save their precious herds from total annihilation and in many cases the end of the family farm. This year has been one of the driest on record and it’s had a […]