Case IH launch 250 Series harvesters

The switch has been flicked on a new era in combine harvesting technology and productivity with the release of the Case IH 250 Series Axial-Flow combines. The local market will welcome the 7250, 8250 and 9250, class 7, 8 and 9 models respectively with a grain tank capacity of 11,100 litres on the 7250 with […]

Midwest is the out front harvest platform leader

Australia now leads the world in harvester platform design and it’s all due to the hard work and sheer tenacity that the Schutt family with some great grower support has put into making this a reality – the Schutt designed 18.3m (60ft) Durus front is an engineering feat that glides effortlessly through crops with every […]

AGCO release details of their just IDEAL harvester

AGCO is set to cut a giant swathe into global harvest market sales with the release of the IDEAL axial combine. And this is no hyped up model release, but instead the result of an extensive global study that clearly showed there was a need for an entirely new combine platform for AGCO customers. AGCO […]

Demand is strong for retrofitted harvester feed drum

Merredin WA manufacturer Laurie Phillips, has a production line turning out feeder drums for retrofitting to harvester draper fronts that can barely keeping up with demand. Grain farmers and contractors across the country are putting in orders for the season as this well made but simple innovation is a marked improvement for operational efficiency on […]