Lemken announces it will end sprayer production this year


Based on the rise in demand for sustainable crop care and facing ever tighter regulations around use of agricultural chemicals, Lemken of Germany has announced it will cease production of conventional crop sprayers. Lemken has been building sprayers for 10 years but never achieved significant market penetration with its machines. Instead, the company intends to […]

Lemken releases new coulter bar and front hopper combination

Lemken OptiDisc 25 coulter bar

Lemken’s new solo coulter bar OptiDisc 25, used in combination with the company’s Solitair 25 front hopper and power harrow, provides an agile and compact drilling combination for arable farmers. It can also be combined with the Azurit precision seed drill for applying fertiliser. Double disc coulters in the new coulter bar feature maintenance-free rubber […]