Safety message gets through to farmers in NZ

Quad bike safety is a priority on the Ratapiko, New Zealand farm of Robin and Jacqueline Blackwell. Attitudes to farm safety are changing and fewer farmers are being issued with enforcement notices or facing prosecution, WorkSafe New Zealand says. Source: Stuff NZ Nationwide, the organisation prosecuted 10 farmers in 2014 and eight in 2015. Last year there were […]

More tractor accidents than quad bike

The toll of nine deaths in tractor-related accidents in 2016 was higher than that from highly publicised quad bike incidents. Three of the tractor deaths involved people younger than 15. Source: Western Magazine SafeWork NSW’s Tony Williams says the organisation conducts presentations or workshops on a range of safety, workers’ compensation, insurance, injury management, and legislative topics. These […]

Farming less safe than forestry

Farming continues to be New Zealand’s most dangerous occupation, with 19 deaths last year, 16 of them in vehicles. Source: Stuff NZ Over the last six years, 110 farmers have died on the job, far eclipsing the numbers killed in construction (32) and forestry (27). WorkSafe New Zealand said 50% of the deaths involved farmers aged […]

Rollover Rescue Tracker

Commercial GPS tracking company, Austracker, has announced the launch of the Rollover Rescue Tracker, an automated alert based system designed to drastically reduce the time taken to rescue farmers if their bike rolls. Source: AFDJ eNews Quad bike rollovers are currently the leading cause of farm deaths in Australia. According to a study by The […]

Farm safety equals profit

National Farm Safety Week is on from 18-22 July and aims to raise awareness of farm safety issues in rural communities across Australia. Sources: AFDJ eNews, ABC Rural This year’s theme is “Safe Farms = Profit”, and seeks to focus on the practical issues that farmers can take to improve safety for themselves, their workers, family members and […]

Quad bike safety rebate

The upcoming NSW Budget will include a $2 million package to reduce quad bike tragedies and injuries on farms. Source: AFDJ eNews Quad bikes are a leading cause of death on Australian properties with 220 deaths in the past 16 years with thousands more people seriously injured. SafeWork NSW has developed a Quad Bike Safety Improvement […]

Farm quads safety should be common sense

Hard and fast regulations about farm quad use are not useful, says a New Zealand safety expert. Source: Farmers can challenge WorkSafe guidelines on quad use because it is not always “reasonable and practical” to wear a helmet or not carry a passenger, says a quad safety specialist. Robin Grieve, a quad safety tutor at Farmskills, […]