Mitas makes radial trailer tyres breakthrough with AGRITERRA 02 SP

Mitas launches AGRITERRA 02 trailer tyres with inbuilt soil protection qualities along with VF technology Mitas has released a radial tyre for all types of farm trailers and they have been designed to avoid soil compaction. The AGRITERRA 02 SP, with the SP denoting its soil protection qualities, is designed to be fitted to all […]

Crop Sprayers that made their presence known in 2022

Leading crop sprayer badges jostled for position all year as growers decided on what model would best suit their unique farm operation It appeared as though another battleground was brewing in 2022, just as hard fought as the tractor market as it seemed every grower needed a new sprayer and as a result, the market […]

Mitas well float on water

Mitas high-horsepower tyres helped a Claas Axos 320 tractor weighing four tons to “walk on water”. Source: Tyre Press Thanks to careful calculation and Archimedes’ principle, the tractor successfully navigated the port and then returned to dry land without the captain getting his feet wet. Mitas, part of Trelleborg Group, and its partners carried out the unusual stunt in […]