Oztec tube conveyors and chaser bins are designed and built for local conditions

Oztec’s grain handling equipment includes chaser bins, field bins and augers along with advance designed tubeconveyors and grain elevators Oztec has become the specialist local manufacturer for grain and cotton-handling equipment for all sizes of farming operations and specialists in grain handling conveyors for large storage operations. Outstanding in the range is the Oztec engineer […]

Oztec Tubeveyor grain conveyor reaches to the top of a 15m silo

Oztec has launched a 40m Tubeveyor, one of the most efficient locally made grain conveyors with a 600mm-wide belt running inside a 1200mm tube. It is seen as ideal for handling crops like lupins and chickpeas. Driven by a powerful 107kW (144hp) John Deere 6068T1 industrial engine, the 40m Tubeveyor is the largest conveyor of […]