Bourgault offers seeding frames that can be adapted to any operation

Bourgault has enhanced its reputation for precise and productive seeding equipment with the latest release 3330 and 3335 frames now adaptable for every type of seeding operation Growers know what it takes to get the best return from their land, and for many the success of next year’s harvest begins now, with strong preparation and […]

Bourgault 3330SE and 3335QDA Paralink Hoe Drills performance rated

Bourgault is offering Paralink Hoe Drill choices from the very durable entry level 3330SE through to the more advanced 3335QDA with the greatest performance available Bourgault 3330SE and 3335QDA Paralink Hoe Drills offer a design driven by grower demand with three to five section seeding widths from 9.1m (30ft) to 26.5m (86.8ft) Bourgault’s next generation […]