Dumac offer specialist effluent pumps you can rely on

The Dumac Ruffy and Filter-cut vertical column pump are now readily available from new distributor W&P Pumps Since W&P Pumps has taken over the manufacturing and distribution of Dumac pumps it has increased the services the company is able to offer to more farming industries. And while the Dumac name is already well known to […]

W&P Pumps offers the best industry product range backed by 24/7 service

By dealing with W&P Pumps you can make sure you are selecting the right pump and piping for the task every time W&P Pumps holds a unique position in the pump industry as the company started as just a small family business in 1986 and has since grown its customer base to a point where […]

John Deere provides more farmers with reliable stationary power and versatility

Power Equipment is currently offering the full range of John Deere irrigation ready power packs to get your operation working faster John Deere’s reputation across the globe needs no introduction, and their extensive range of off-highway diesel engines are best in class, efficient and dependable. Through their long and proud history of designing and manufacturing […]

Sustainable irrigation pumping solutions

With optimising water and energy use critical concerns for irrigators, innovations in pumping technology are welcome developments in the sector. Increasing adoption is also bringing prices down, allowing more operations to access technologies like variable frequency drives (VFDs) and solar pumps. Franklin Electric is one of the leading suppliers in this area and its DrivE-Tech […]

A BIG DRY… needs some big pumps

With many states moving into or experiencing drought conditions. Aussie Pumps has released a new range of high capacity 76 and 102mm (3 and 4-inchs) Kubota powered “Drought Buster” gushers that are able to move big volumes fast and with minimal cost. Built around the popular Aussie “Quik Prime” design principles, the pumps offer fast […]

Aussie Super Pump is capable of moving massive volumes

A new release diesel powered 101.6mm (4-inch) pump that delivers both high pressure and high flow, has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Known as the Super Pump, identified as model number QPT405SLTD, the pump uses twin impeller technology to deliver pressures in excess of 125psi and flows of up to 46,200-litres/ hour. Apart from […]