Cattle market is in balance with price upside potential ahead

With the Bureau declaring El Niño is over it’s expected beef prices will be relatively stable in 2024 trading in a band between 600 to 750c/kg cwt The cattle market is sitting in a “state of balance” – with improved beef production waiting on an increase in demand – while an upside in prices is […]

Agriculture is moving confidently into 2024 according to the Rabobank annual outlook

Predictions from a leading banker with a wide range of farm operation customers can see a bright light shining ahead for production increases and input price reductions Australia’s agricultural sector is “moving confidently into 2024”, with an overall positive outlook for the nation’s farmers and agribusiness industries in the year ahead, Rabobank says in its […]

Livestock prices to be impacted by very high production numbers

With a mountain of supply flooding the market coupled with drier conditions Rabobank suggests some farmers will be counting numbers in their sleep Local sheep, cattle and goat markets are being impacted by very high production numbers, compounded by already large volumes of meat in congested supply chains, according to agricultural analysts at Rabobank.  For […]

Fertiliser prices in line to drop down to more historic price levels

A recent report indicates fertiliser prices that shot through the roof last season could return to more affordable levels as several factors kick in Growers appear to be clinging to the hope that farm fertiliser affordability is starting to improve across the globe, with a likely recovery in some world markets later in 2023. This […]

Avocado trade expected to grow in an increasingly competitive market

The once hard to sell thick skinned Avocado with greasy content is finding favour in several world markets with our own exports booming With Avocados becoming popular in trendy sandwich bars and Bistros it backs up forecasts the global Avocado trade will continue to grow in the next few years. However, there is a major […]

Dairy set for a favourable season ahead with firm milk prices likely

Dairy farmers still hold onto the hope of four good seasons in a row as big processors set their offers in writing for coming season prices Dairy producers can look forward to another favourable season in 2023/24, with the sector set for its fourth consecutive profitable year, if predictions in the recently released Rabobank annual Australian […]

NFF president Fiona Simson comes away with 2023 Rabobank Leadership Award

Rabobank also adds to its Leadership Awards in 2023 with the introduction of a new Community Leadership category taken out by the Boys to the Bush program The president of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) Fiona Simson has taken out the 2023 Rabobank Leadership Award, recognising the “vitally important” role she has played advocating on behalf of […]

Dairy industry future down to people drinking more milk

A report into the future of the Dairy industry as low margins come to an end concludes more people need to drink milk The liquid ‘drinking’ milk market remains of key importance to the local dairy sector – with improved domestic retail pricing and opportunities for further export growth – according to a Just-released industry […]

Milk prices rising at fastest rate since records began push up dairy products costs

Dairy products price rises reflect the base rate of farmgate milk prices ranging between AUD 9.50-10.00/kgMS With farmgate milk prices across the country trying to keep pace with Dairy producers’ costs, we have reached price territory of between AUD 9.50 to 10.00/kgMS. As a result, local consumers are seeing significant price increases across dairy products […]