Redekop Seed Control Unit is a perfect fit for John Deere X9 Series harvesters

John Deere worked with world leading brand Redekop to adapt SCU technology to suit the power and capacity of the biggest X9 combine harvesters For operators about to go back into next season’s round of essential jobbing routines leading up to planting, there is one major task that could well have been reduced in time […]

Redekop has designed the ultimate Harvest weed seed control solution

Redekop is offering a forward solution to weed control well before the seed gets a chance to take root by fitting an SCU to your harvester and the credentials are impressive Somewhere along the path between planting and expectations of a high-yielding harvest is the unrelenting attack of weeds in crops that growers worldwide are […]

Redekop SCU kills weeds at harvest

Harvest and kill weeds in one pass with world leader Redekop The Redekop seed control unit (SCU) design is proven for wide residue distribution across the whole cutting width and for its ease of installation into a combine drive and display system by the same local dealer that sold the combine Controlling weed seeds at […]

Redekop has developed the world’s best SCU for eradicating weed seed

Redekop’s seed control unit (SCU) is the leading model worldwide as its design provides combines with a flexible and cost-efficient solution to destroy 98% of harvestable weeds in a single pass operation at harvest The Redekop seed control unit (SCU) is able to be fully integrated into a combine with a design that only needs […]